Day 328-329 – 24.-25. March 2014

After some slow preparation and packing I was ready at noon to go to Jordan.

Ameer tried to ride my fully loaded bike and we said good buy.

IMG_2499 IMG_2501

The border was very close and after a few minutes I reached the Israeli side. I had to pay the export tax of 107 ILS (22€) and was released to go to Jordan.

I got a free visa to Jordan (normally it cost 20€) because they want more visitors to Aqaba. Everybody was very friendly and the most words I would be hering from now on was: „Welcome to Jordan“.

I took the main road to Amman. It was a long climb to 700m and many trucks were using the road.


Two truck driver stopped me, offerd me something to drink and a snack to eat and afterwards gave me a bottle of drinking water.


After 35 km I looked for a place to camp. It was difficult to find something in this desert. I finally settled behind some communication towers.


The next day after 15 km cycling I came across a sign I had to follow.


I heard  a lot about Wadi Rum but did not know where it was. It was only 25 km to go so I decided to take the detour and take a look.


At the visitor center a guide approached me and explained what I could do and see. The prices where far beyond my budget and the guide offered me a jeep tour, accommodation, dinner and breakfast for together 45€. That was all I had.

He took my stuff and my bike on his truck and we drove 7 km to the entrance of wadi rum. Some of his family took care of my bike and luggage and we picked up another 2 people for the jeep tour.

The tour was almost three hours long with several stops and some amazing views.

IMG_2574 IMG_2593 IMG_2610 IMG_2652 IMG_2653

After the tour he brought me to his home and showed me a small room. It was empty and very dusty but he took a broom and cleaned the floor. I set up my tent inside the room and later on he brought me some rice and tomatoes with tea for dinner.

IMG_2668 IMG_2674


It was not very luxurious, but to see wadi rum was really a experience I don´t want to miss.

Day 328: 35,03 km  all: 10.272 km

Day 329: 36,41 km all: 10.309 km