Day 384-386 – 19.-21. May 2014

Day 384: After all the missleading information about the ferry schedule I was not sure if there really was a boat today.

I packed my stuff and made a last picture with my new friends I cycled to the port.


After 10 minutes I arrived at the port and there was really a boat waiting.


I quickly purchased a ticket, went to the passport control, got my exit stamp and without any further check I could go on board.

I secured my bike and took some valuable things out. The departure was at 2pm and when I got to the upper deck we were already on the way. Good that I decided to go to the port early.


The sail took seven hours and at 7:30pm we reached Taşucu.

After a quick passport check I got my entry stamp and was back in Turkey.


Now my „holidays“ are over and my rule (no engine) is in effect again.

It was already getting dark so I cycled 5km to the nearest beach and put my tent up.

Day 385: In the I noticed that I chose a nice place to camp.


I made arrangements to stay at a warm showers host this evening. (it´s like couchsurfing but for cyclists)

I had time to get to Mersin till after 5pm. The terrain was flat so I could take my time.

Nuzhed and I met in front of her apartment building. After she helped me carry my stuff to her apartment and I took a shower we talked while she was preparing dinner.

Because her mother was German she speaks german very good. In the evening two of her cycling friends Benan and Ozlem came for a very tasty dinner.

After we ate I showed them some pictures and we talked about our traveling. It was a very nice evening.


Nuzhed convinced me to stay another day because she wanted to show me around.

Day 386: After Nuzhed came back from work at 11am we jumped in her 4wheel drive car and headed for the nearby mountains. I saw a very different side of Mersin. It is a very beautiful mountainous area with small villages and manny small fruit plantations.


We stopped for lunch and drove to a mountain top for a tea.


After a few hours we came back to the cost and the weather was very different at the sea. In the mountains we had to where a jacket and the wind was cold. On the cost it was hot and humid.

Nuzhed is very adventurers. She is always outside cycling, walking, trekking, camping and visiting other countries. She gave me a lot of helpful tips where to go and also set me up with my next host.

It was very fortunate to meet her.




Day 384: 9,25 km  all: 11.334 km

Day 385: 83,20 km  all: 11.418 km

Day 379-383 – 14.-18. May 2014

Day 379: I sleept very good in my cabin and in the morning we had a basic breakfast.

At 10am we reached the port of Limassol and I was welcomed by the „Red Arrows“, the royal air force jet display team. They flew over our ship and then performed their show over the nerby air force base.


We had to wait for an agent to pick us up and bring us to the passport control. After we passed immigration they sent us to customs. We could not find the customs and so we just went out of the port without any problem.

I said good buy to the Australian guy an started to cycle towards Larnaca.


After 10km I met him again in a cafe close to the road. He took the bus and got off to change buses to go to Nicosia.

The rest of the way to Larnaca was very nice. I had a strong wind from behind and the road was flat, so I was in Larnaca after only 5 hours.

IMG_3372 IMG_3374

I met the german friend we met when we stayed in the hotel in Larnaca and I could stay at his place for the next two days.

Day 380-381: I spend the days relaxing and walking around the city and meeting with my host. It was good to speak german again.

Day 382: I found a time schedule of the ferry boats  from North Cyprus to Turkey and it said there would be a boat on sunday.

I went from Larnaca to Nicosia and crossed the border to North Cyprus. Then I had to cycle another 35km to Kyrenia/Girne. It was again a nice ride with one bigger hill just before Kyrenia.


Frist I went to the port and looked for some information about the next ferry. It was past 5pm so I only talked to a police man. He did not know if there was a boat the next day and just recommend to come back early in the morning.

I cycled to the old harbor and to the hostel where we stayed the last time. The manager remembered me and I got a bed for a good price.


At the evening I met some other guests and one turkish guy told me there is no ferry going the next day. We looked it up in the internet and found out the fast passenger ferry start only in june and the next car ferry leaves in two days.

Now I had time to get to know the other travelers and we had a very nice night out.

IMG_3432 IMG_3433 IMG_3441

Day 383: After I had a little bit of sleep I went back to the port. Nobody was there but I found a leaflet with some information about the next ferry.

In the afternoon we decided to make a barbecue on the roof and everybody helped preparing and cooking the meal.

IMG_3468 IMG_3471




Day 379: 76,73 km  all: 11.249 km

Day 382: 76,59 km  all: 11.325 km

Day 270-273 – 25.-28. January 2014

In the morning we cycled the two km to the border. We crossed to Cyprus through a British base and the next few km we were in a buffer zone between North Cyprus and Cyprus. On both sides of the roads there were army outposts overlooking the other side.


Some time later it started raining and we waited at a parking place for the rain to pass.


After only 40 km we reached Larnaca. It started raining again, so we went to a cafe, had a beer and looked in the internet to find an apartment for 5 people.


Sarah and Scott went out to inspect some of the rooms and found a good place.

The hotel was fairly cheap and had 3 rooms and a kitchen. I met a German man who is staying in the hotel for some time now and he was very interested to hear more about my tour. In the next days we talked and he read all articles on my blog.

Jakob had to go to the airport and pick up his dad, who came from Denmark to join his son for a few weeks cycling.


In the evening we all sat together and enjoyed the dinner Sarah and Scott made.

The next few days we relaxed, went shopping and Jakob and his dad were looking for a rental bike.

Sarah and Scott had contact to a guy from the fixed-gear community in Larnaca. He took us for a bike ride to the nerby lake to see some flamingos.

IMG_1387 IMG_1392 IMG_1395

We only saw some flamingos from a distance but we visited a nice, old mosque.

Day 270: 46,45 km  all: 9075 km

Day 268-269 – 23.-24. January 2014

In the morning we had a light breakfast, packed our things together and went up the hill, back to the last town. After a small break we continued on a beautiful, secluded road to the south-west. It looked a little bit like Ireland. It was very green,  with small hills and at one point it started to rain. Well, after 2 minutes the rain was gone and the rest of the day was sunny and warm.

IMG_1180 IMG_1184 IMG_1188

At 2pm we stopped for a lunch break and met an Italian cyclist. He accompanied us for the rest of the day.

IMG_1211 IMG_1219

After about 70 km Anna, Matthias and Jakob were ready for camping. Sarah, Scott and I wanted to find a hotel in the vicinity. When they found a camping place close to the beach we split and the plan was to come back the next day to pick up Jakob.

There was no suitable hotel in the area so Sarah and Scott wanted to go on to Famagusta. It was already dark and I was hungry so I decided to join Anna, Matthias and Jakob. After I bought some food I found them at the beach. I ate my döner, put up my tent and afterwards we had some beer on the beach.

Day 269: We saw a wonderful sunrise from our tent and had a good breakfast.


Yesterday evening I did my 9000 km and in the morning I arranged one of my 1000km pictures. This time Anna, Matthias and Jakob helped me and also were part of the picture. Because someone had to hold the tripod for a better angle, Matthias unfortunately is not on the picture.

IMG_1258 IMG_1270

Thank you guys for the awesome 9000 picture.

Because Anna and Matthias were going to Nicosia we had to say goodbye.

Jakob and I went to Famagusta. 20 km on a nice road with tailwind. We meet Sarah and Scott in the center of the old town and discussed what to do. We decided to stay in the town and went through the historic old town in order to find a hotel. At the end we ended up at the place Sarah and Scott stayed the night before.

IMG_1278 IMG_1280

We took our bikes to a real supermarket and found food for the dinner. We also cycled to the fenced part of Famagusta. After the Turkish invasion in 1974 the army fenced the area and it’s kept in this state ever since. Nobody is allowed in and the town is like in a time capsule.


The old town itself is filled with historic buildings, churches and the cathedral is now a mosque.

IMG_1288 IMG_1338

Day 268: 80,72 km  all: 9006 km

Day 269: 23,17 km  all: 9029 km

Day 265-267 – 20.-22. January 2014

Day 265: After 3 days on the terrace we wanted to go on. We took the coastal road to the north-east. The day was perfect. Nice weather, flat road and after a few km outside from Girne the traffic was getting less and less. We cycled the whole day and after we bought some food we found a magificent camping spot.

IMG_0876 IMG_0884 IMG_0982IMG_0944

After setting up the camp and cooking dinner we sat in my tent and watched our obligatory slideshow from todays pictures.

Day 266: This is a time-laps movie from sunrise at our camping spot: 

We continued north-east and had the road for ourselves. After we climbed a hill we stopped at a very small village for a drink. The owner told us that this year they had almost no rain so far and the crops are very small. He gave us many tasty oranges from his garden.

IMG_1006 IMG_1005

A few km before the next town we noticed a very skinny puppy at the roadside. We stopped, gave him something to eat and drink and just could not leave him. His brother was lying dead at the side of the road and we were afraid he would suffer the same fate. We put him in one of Scotts front panniers and took him to the next town. We tried to find someone to take him and finally we could leave him at the post office. Hopefully he found a new home.

IMG_1025 IMG_1031 IMG_1032 IMG_1038

In the afternoon we got some supplies and wanted to go to the north cap of Cyprus. Because it was getting late and we still had 20 km to go we decided to stay at the rest area at the beach. We even had some benches and tables. It was again a  wonderful camping spot.


Day 267:  In the morning we decided to stay another day at this place and go to the north cap without luggage.

IMG_1068 IMG_1077

Sarah and Scott left early in the morning. They went to the north cap and came back at around noon. While we waited Anna and Matthias (the Germans we met at the hostel in Girne) passed by. They stayed at the north cap for three days and now they had to leave because they were out of food. We convince them to stay with us another day. They just left their equipment with us and went to get some groceries.


When Sarah and Scott came back from their tour, Jakob and I took off. We only went about 10 km to a very nice beach and spent some time walking around and taking pictures.

IMG_1096 IMG_1101 IMG_1126 IMG_1121

After we were back Scott and Sarah already colected firewood and started a fire. We made dinner and after sunset we sat around the fire drinking wine and beer and had a nice time.

IMG_1144 IMG_1149 IMG_1156

Day 265: 71,43 km  all: 8846 km

Day 266: 56,68 km  all: 8902 km

Day 267: 22,54 km  all: 8925 km

Day 262-264 – 17.-19. January 2014

We had a pleasant fairy ride and reached Girne in the morning. After debarking and some immigration formalities we entered a new country. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (only recognized by Turkey).


IMG_0832 IMG_0831

We cycled to the nearby old harbor and found a hostel very close buy. We got a good prize for a room for three and an extra mattress. The room was clean and the best feature was the terrace on top of the building where we could sit in the sun and use it for cooking.

IMG_0835 IMG_0854

The next days we didn’t do much. Only a little bit sightseeing, sitting in the sun and enjoying the nice weather on the terrace.

Arriving at the hostel we noticed two bikes and later we meet the owners. Anna and Matthias from Germany also travel by bike. We spend the evening together and the next morning they took off to go to the north cape of Cyprus.


We met Rich from America, who is traveling around the world and is writing a “beer Travel book”. We invited him for one of Sarah’s outstanding dinners.

IMG_0865 IMG_0869

Day 262: 4,71 km  all: 8774 km