Day 515-518 – 20.-23. June 2015

Day 515: Faraz showed me the way to the bus station and a relativ was the bus driver. So for the first time I did not have to pay extra for my bike and luggage.


The bus took me to Khoy. About 150km north. From Khoy I cycled west to the Turkish border.It was a very nice day and I was climbing the whole day. After 400m climb I decided to stop someone to take me up the mountain. I quickly found a Pickup who was willing to take me.


After 25km we arrived at his house and he invited me for a tea. I not only got a tea but a full meal.


Just 7km before the border I found a nice place for the night.


Day 516: After only a few minutes I reached the border in the morning. It was a little chaotic, but someone helped me to pass the line and get my stamp very quickly.

The Turkish side was also busy and I waited in line for about 30 minutes. I got my stamp and was free to go.


The first thing I noticed was the roads. A big, new four lane road lead to the border. I was back in Turkey.


In the afternoon the wind was getting stronger and it always was a headwind.

So after 60 km I decided to look for a place for the night. In this area there are almost no trees, but I managed to find a perfect spot.

IMG_1395 IMG_1397

Day 517: I had to go less than 60 km to Van. The wind was gone and the road fine. So after only 5 hours I reached Van.

IMG_1404 IMG_1413

I quickly found a cheap Hotel (10€ per day) and stayed for two days.

The hotel was in the middle of the city. Because it was ramadan it was difficult to find something to eat. After 30 minute I finally found a restaurant and had a quick Döner.


Day 518: I used the free day to do my laundry, update my Blog and I send a package to Germany. I managed to send back 8 kg of equipment I do not need for the rest of the Trip.

IMG_1427 IMG_1428

In the evening I had something to eat and afterwards sitting for almost 2 hours at a very busy pedestrian street. After four tea, smoking a water-pipe and watching the people, I was very relaxed and happy.



Day 515: 45,05 km  all: 15.068 km

Day 516: 59,26 km  all: 15.128 km

Day 517: 55,39 km  all: 15.183 km

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