Day 274-276 – 29.-31. January 2014

Limassol was only about 70 km from Larnaca. Sarah and Scott wanted to do the distance in one day because they needed to look for a boat to Egypt. I was not in a hurry and there was a strong headwind, so I decided to go only half the way today.

Jakob and his father had to pick up the rental bike and slowly head to Limassol.

So I was on my own again.


The wind was strong but not as bad as I expected and I made good distance during the day.

Half way to Limassol I decided to give a guy I contacted through a call. The day before he was not sure if he was able to host me, but as it turned out he was and invited me to stay with him.

Elad is from Israel and lives in Tel Aviv on his boat. Now he is exploring the Mediterranean sea on his boat  for some time.

IMG_1446 IMG_1462

The boat is not very big (only 29 feet, 8,8m) but still one of the nicest accommodations I had so far.

The next few days we spend doing small repairs on the boat and enjoying the sun.


The evening before we sailed to Paphos, I cycled 10 km to Limassol to meet Sarah and Scott.


In the hotel´s lobby I met Rich again (the American we meet in Girne in the hostel Day 262-264). Also Jakob and his dad were staying in the same hotel.

We all went out for a drink and it was really nice to see all again, maybe the last time for a long while.


Day 274: 60,54 km  all: 9136 km