Day 81 – 20. July 2013

It was almost a week since I had to pack all my things onto the bike. It felt very heavy again.


After a short breakfast with Marcin we shot some short movie clips and finally it was time to say Goodbye.


Marcin was a great help and became a good friend. And I know he will try to help me in any way.

The border to Estonia was only about 10 km away and I crossed it at 1 pm.

IMG_2910 IMG_2911

I tried to find a typical sign with the country name and the european stars. But I could only find this:IMG_2912

I dont know if it means something?

The weather was nice but the wind was very strong and was coming from the left side. I left the main road and proceeded close to the ocean. The wooded area helped to shield the wind. But after 40 km I had no energy any more and found a small camping ground.

After I set up my camp, I had to cycle 10 km to the next town to get some money and to by some food.

At midnight I woke up from a loud bang. I first thought somebody is shooting, but it was fireworks just 100 meters away. After 5 minutes it was over and I went back to sleep.

IMG_2932 IMG_2942 IMG_2943

Day 81: 39.06 km  all: 2799 km