Day 330-332 – 26.-28. March 2014

After an early breakfast I was ready at 9am to start into a beautiful sunny day.


The 25 km back to the main road was easy and fast because the road had a down slop and there was almost no wind.

I had no money and was looking for a ATM-machine to buy some water. For the next 30km I could not find anything. In a village I asked some people and they said the next bank is in Amman.

Then suddenly on the highway, like an oasis a big filling station appeared in the distance. I was happy and knew I could at least pay with my credit card to get something to drink.


When I got closer I saw the gas station was still under construction and I only could get some questionable tab water.

In the next little village I managed to find a shop owner who exchanged my last 20€ for a very bad exchange rate. But at least I could buy some fluids.

The terrain was now rising again. I had to climb from 800m to 1600m and when I finally did it it was time to find a place to stay for the night.


In the mountains the temperature dropped quickly and the wind was chilly. I set up my tent and was happy to get out of the cold wind.

The next morning I climbed to 1700m. The highest point of my trip so far.


The rest of to 40km to Petra was mostly downhill and so at about 2pm I was in front of the entrance to Petra.

The entrance fee to see the ancient city of Petra is very expensive. 50€ for one day or 55€ for two days.

I thought the best option was to find a hotel and take the 2 day pass. I quickly found a hotel close by and at 4pm I entered Petra.

I walked through the siq, saw the treasury and took the 7 km climb to the monastery. I reached  the monastery just before sunset and was alone to enjoy the magnificent view.

IMG_2841 IMG_2839

I had to go all the way back and so it was already dark when I reached the exit. But without the many tourists Petra is even more amazing.

The next day I went back and this time I took a pass leading me around a mountain and on top of the treasury.

IMG_2927 IMG_2942

I had a wonderful view from above.

Petra was a unbelievable experience and if you can you should visit.


Day 330: 76,64 km  all: 10.385 km

Day 331: 40,98 km  all: 10.426 km