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my name is Gernot Theiss.

born in december 1969

After my A’Levels (Abitur) in 1991 I decided to join the German Air Force.

I got my flying training at Randolph AFB, Texas,USA (T43, T37,T38) as a WSO (weapon system operator) or navigator.

In 1995 transition training on alpha-jet in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

1996 Tornado basic training in Cottesmore, GB

1996 – 2001 Fighter Bomber Wing 38, Jever, Germany

2001 – 2012 Fighter Bomber Wing 32, Lechfeld, Germany        (www.321tigers.org)

2006 – 2012 TSO (tactical system operator) on C-160 Transall at LTG 61 (Air Transport Wing), Penzing, Germany

In Jan 2013 I retired

Flying hours:      Tornado:  1925      C-160: 1150     total:   3245


contact me: aliensworld@me.com