Short update

Thank you for your concerns, I am OK.

After a few interesting days I reached Teheran (I will tell you about whenever I get a new computer)

On August 20th I took a flight back to Germany to attend my mothers big birthday party.

The plan was to go back to Iran in September to continue my trip.

I had some problems with the visa and I had to take care of some private issues so I stayed in Germany.

Now I decided to stay in Germany for the winter and if everyting goes as planed I will return to Iran next year.

Last week I visited a friend in Berlin and someone stole my Laptop, camera, sunglasses and other things out of my car.

Well that´s life. I traveled 14666km through 20 countries and back home I got robbed. I hope I can find some new sponsors to replace my equipment.


Thank you for your interest in my journey  and please stay tuned for new updates.