Fixing the Boat and exploring the Ionian Islands


After I got to my boat it took me a few weeks of intensive work to install all the equipment I  had with me.


I installed a new radar, solar panels, wind generator, Chart plotter, displays, Wifi antenna, new wind and speed sensors, and a mast to carry all the stuff. I also had to do some painting (antifouling) and many small projects. (I will post a tour of my boot in a later post)


After that I finally was in the water again.


I was ready for some company. My brother and another friend each came for one week. We did some sailing between Corfu, Paxos and the main land.

After that I had some time to finish another big Projekt. I wanted to have all lines in the cockpit, so I don´t have to leave it for operating the main sail.

It took me a few days and the help of one of my boat neighbours, but I like the result.

In the beginning of June I picked up a special woman, and she stayed one month on the boat.

Be proceeded from corfu south to the other ionian islands and came back to corfu. We sometimes had good sailing conditions and found some amazing bays and places to anchor.




I am back !

Hello everybody.

After I finished my biketour almost two years ago, you probably wondered what I was dooing?

Last year I bought a 34 foot sailboat and now I am on the ferry from Venice to Greece with a lot of new equipment and new ideas. 

The plan is to continue my world trip, this time by sailing.

So stay tuned for new stories, pictures and videos.

Hope you like to follow me again on my trip and support me.


I am back in Teheran 😁

 After more than 8 month in Germany I am back in Iran.

The flight and entry into the country was very smooth.

Now I stay with some very nice people I met last year on the road.

I already have my bike and equipment and in a few days I will cycle back to the west and to Germany. 


2 years !!

Today, exactly two years ago I started my tour in Munich.

I discovered many countries, experienced different cultures, met a lot of interesting people and have many unbelievable stories to tell.

It was an amazing journey.

Thank you all for following my blog and supporting me.

It is now time to continue.
After more than 7 month back in Germany I had a lot of time to think about how I will go on.
Due to some personal reasons and other considerations, I decided to do things differently.

My plan is to go back to Iran in a few weeks and cycle back to Germany.

I hope you continue following my blog and share with me all my new expireiences.


Short update

Thank you for your concerns, I am OK.

After a few interesting days I reached Teheran (I will tell you about whenever I get a new computer)

On August 20th I took a flight back to Germany to attend my mothers big birthday party.

The plan was to go back to Iran in September to continue my trip.

I had some problems with the visa and I had to take care of some private issues so I stayed in Germany.

Now I decided to stay in Germany for the winter and if everyting goes as planed I will return to Iran next year.

Last week I visited a friend in Berlin and someone stole my Laptop, camera, sunglasses and other things out of my car.

Well that´s life. I traveled 14666km through 20 countries and back home I got robbed. I hope I can find some new sponsors to replace my equipment.


Thank you for your interest in my journey  and please stay tuned for new updates.



Exactly 1 year ago on May 1. 2013 at 12:00 I started my journey.

I traveled 11.000km through 16 countries by canoe, sailboat and mostly by bicycle. It was a great experience so far and I hope it will go on like this.

Thank you all for your support and interest and feel free to leave a comment on how you like my trip or suggestions how I could improve it.

Alien 😉