Day 268-269 – 23.-24. January 2014

In the morning we had a light breakfast, packed our things together and went up the hill, back to the last town. After a small break we continued on a beautiful, secluded road to the south-west. It looked a little bit like Ireland. It was very green,  with small hills and at one point it started to rain. Well, after 2 minutes the rain was gone and the rest of the day was sunny and warm.

IMG_1180 IMG_1184 IMG_1188

At 2pm we stopped for a lunch break and met an Italian cyclist. He accompanied us for the rest of the day.

IMG_1211 IMG_1219

After about 70 km Anna, Matthias and Jakob were ready for camping. Sarah, Scott and I wanted to find a hotel in the vicinity. When they found a camping place close to the beach we split and the plan was to come back the next day to pick up Jakob.

There was no suitable hotel in the area so Sarah and Scott wanted to go on to Famagusta. It was already dark and I was hungry so I decided to join Anna, Matthias and Jakob. After I bought some food I found them at the beach. I ate my döner, put up my tent and afterwards we had some beer on the beach.

Day 269: We saw a wonderful sunrise from our tent and had a good breakfast.


Yesterday evening I did my 9000 km and in the morning I arranged one of my 1000km pictures. This time Anna, Matthias and Jakob helped me and also were part of the picture. Because someone had to hold the tripod for a better angle, Matthias unfortunately is not on the picture.

IMG_1258 IMG_1270

Thank you guys for the awesome 9000 picture.

Because Anna and Matthias were going to Nicosia we had to say goodbye.

Jakob and I went to Famagusta. 20 km on a nice road with tailwind. We meet Sarah and Scott in the center of the old town and discussed what to do. We decided to stay in the town and went through the historic old town in order to find a hotel. At the end we ended up at the place Sarah and Scott stayed the night before.

IMG_1278 IMG_1280

We took our bikes to a real supermarket and found food for the dinner. We also cycled to the fenced part of Famagusta. After the Turkish invasion in 1974 the army fenced the area and it’s kept in this state ever since. Nobody is allowed in and the town is like in a time capsule.


The old town itself is filled with historic buildings, churches and the cathedral is now a mosque.

IMG_1288 IMG_1338

Day 268: 80,72 km  all: 9006 km

Day 269: 23,17 km  all: 9029 km