[ghw] I have so many different electronics and other gimmicks which all require a lot of electrical power.

In order to be independent from electrical sockets I decided to generate my own power.

This is my setup:



2 x SON 28 Dynamo :  Probably the best dynamo available

IMG_1465 IMG_1463

2 x Forumslader : converts the dynamo 6v AC into 12V and USB (5V) DC power.

Jens D. from Cottbus (visited on Day 35), first developed this device only for his own lighting system.

Now it is a computer controlled high tech device with the best power output of any other comparable devices.

My front device is with small buffer batteries and I made a box to fit in the handlebar bag.


The rear device has bigger batteries and also an input for my solar panel.


The solar panel is a Nomad 13,5W from GoalZero:


Jens made a solar controller especially for the forumslader:  IMG_0552

Both forumslader feed their electrical power into 2 power packs:

1. front :  XTPower 10.000mAh

output: 2 x USB  (5V/2100mAh) and 1 DC  (9V/12V 2000mAh)


2. rear: Powerbox SL 2000 :  56 Wh (approx. 4.2 Ah @ 12V)

output:  5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19V, USB 5V


To connect all my electrical devices I made some cables and connectors.


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