Day 7: 7. May 2013

[gw] About 10 am David and I started to cycle alongside the river Donau towards Austria.IMG_0264

Soon we meat Dave & Michelle with their Japanese friends. They have been travelling for two years around the world. Check out their webside:IMG_0269

Shortly after meeting them we faced our first real obstacle. Because someone told us that we had to take the ferry to the other side of the river and no bridge was in between, the only way was to cross at a dam.

IMG_0267 IMG_0270 IMG_0271 IMG_0272 IMG_0273 IMG_0275 IMG_0276 IMG_0277 IMG_0279 IMG_0281

We had to unload the bikes, carry everything up the stairs, reassemble, cross the dam, unload again and carry everything down the stairs. Thanks to David´s help we managed to do so in about 30 minutes.

As we went on we came across another bridge, which would have been much easier to cross.

After some ups and downs, we reached a nice camping ground along the river. Across the river was a nice castle on the hill.

We set up our camp and David decided to cycle to the next town to find a supermarket. In his absence I set up the folding canoe.

IMG_0309 IMG_0312 IMG_0318 IMG_0319 IMG_0320

When he was back we took the canoe, crossed the river and walked up to the castle. The castle was too far so we went back, crossed the river again and made dinner. Not long after we had eaten we went to bed.

Day 7: 41,46 km  all: 277 km

Day 6: 6 May 2013

[gw] I slept till 8 am, took a shower and worked on the computer. Once I was ready to depart it was already 12 pm.  IMG_0197

David and I arranged to meet at a camping ground down the Donau in the evening.

The way today was always along the Donau, past Vilshofen and Passau.

The weather was fantastic and the road was flat. I was in Passau in no time.IMG_0232

Past Passau I met Luke from Great Britain. He started 1 month ago in London and he wants to go to Singapore with his bike.IMG_0255

After another 10 km I reached the camping place at 6 pm.

David was not there but he arrived just as I finished putting up my tent.

He was in Passau and saw my tracking on my homepage, so he knew when to start for the camping ground.

David cooked again for us. First a soup and then maccaroni with a cheese sauce.IMG_0260

Not long after we decided to go to bed.

Day 6: 55.02  all: 236

Day 5: 5. May 2013

[gw] After I packed my bags it was already 11 am again. But the sun was shining and it was almost 20°C.

I followed the river Isar a small part and left it in direction east.

In the afternoon I reached the river Donau and had only 10km to the next camping ground.

Just as I went over the bridge I noticed a funny movement from the trailer.

Yes, I had a flat tire.IMG_0183

What came up then was “fixing a tire in 3 acts”:

1 act: on the bridge I removed the wheel, took the tire from the rim and looked for the hole.

After some searching I found the hole and put a patch over it. After reassembling everything and inflating the tire, I was about to go on.IMG_0186

2 act: When I got on my bike I heard another unpleasent sound. The tire was flat again.

I left the bridge and looked for the second hole. I coudn´t find one, so I put everything together and inflated the tire to go on.

3 act: After 5 meters the tire was flat again! I was close to a small Creek, so I went there. In the water I found the hole. The patch of the first hole was leaking, so I put another patch on the hole and finally could go on.IMG_0193

At the camping ground I met David who arrived with his bike shortly after me.

He is on the way to Odessa. We camped together and he made spaghetti for both of us.

After we finished eating and prepared for the night, we talked till about 11 pm and finally went to bed.

Day 5: 48,81 km  all: 181 km

Day 4: May 4. 2013

[gw] It was a rainy night, but the sun came out in the morning and my tent was dry in no time. I packed my bags and after 11 am I was on my way again.

Following the river Isar again I reached Lanshut and had various conversations with people interested in my tour.


The weather was getting better and I had a breeze pushing me from behind, so I reached Dingolfing in the afternoon. From there, it was only 10km to the next camping ground.

After almost 60km I set up my camp, ate my 2 “Semmeln” and walked around the camping area.

After a nice warm shower, I updated my blog and went to sleep.

Day 4: 59.07 Km   all: 132 Km

Day 3: May 3. 2013

[gw] After a good night and a tea I started to pack my trailer. Hopefully the last time till Budweis.

René and I did some small repairs and improvements on my bike.

At noon I was ready to go and we went to the next sign of Halbergmoos to shoot some pictures for the local press.


After that we had a good tasting Döner and while we were eating, Isabella and the kids joined us.

So finally at 2 pm I started to head northeast again. Alway along the river Isar.IMG_0102 IMG_0101

Under a bridge north of the Munich airport I met Indi.IMG_0086

He lives there most of the time and wants to remind us to respect nature again.

At around 5 pm I reached the glider airport of Moosburg. I met two people with their dogs. They liked my project so much, Mario even gave me his telephone number and invited me for the night.


I was tempted to accept, but I wanted to go on a little bit further with my trip. Just as I was about to continue, a young guy stopped and offered me a bottle of beer. I don´t know if I looked like I needed one.IMG_0107

At 7 pm I reached my destination, a camping ground east of Moosburg.

I was invited by Michael and Claudia for a drink, because Michael was so eager to hear about my plan and wanted to meet me.

Just as I finished to set up my camp Erich, his girlfriend and daughter visited me. Erich and I had some joint missions in Afghanistan too. He lives close by and saw my position on my homepage, so he decided to pay me a short visit. I think it was a very nice surprise.IMG_0114

After a nice hot shower and something to eat, I slept my first night  in my new tent and sleeping bag.

Day 3: 44.27 Km   all: 72 Km

Day 2: May 2. 2013

[gw] After a late breakfast with René and “Jagger” we had to repair my trailer.IMG_0025IMG_0027

And because it was after 2pm and the weather was not that great, I decided to stay one extra night here.

In the afternoon we went to the kids school for the 1st May celebration.

Even the kids were happy to see me again.

IMG_0030 IMG_0034

I also gave an interview to a reporter of the local newspaper.

Day 1: May, 1. 2013

[gw] At exactly 12:00pm I started my ’round-the-world’ trip.


Many of my friends came to be at my departure.

Even “Jagger”, a friend from the North Sea came all the way to be there.

It was a very big surprise when suddenly my mother was there too. They drove  650km from Krefeld just to see me one more time.

After “take-off” I drove through the English Garden and then alongside the river Isar.


After only 30 km I reached my first destination: my old friend René and his wife Isabella and their kids gave me a bed for the night.

In the evening we had a BBQ, and Jagger was also there. René, Jagger and I talked the rest of the evening about old times.


Day 1: 28.58   all: 28.58