Day 449-453 – 23.-27. July 2014

Day 449: After two days at the lake I continued my journey through Armenia.

I had to climb 400m and had a nice view over a beautiful valley.


The decent was more than 30km and 1300m and I really enjoyed the ride. I continued along a major street and looked for a place to camp.

After I crossed a river I found a very nice, secluded place close to the river. It was still early and I spend the afternoon reading and relaxing.

IMG_5513 IMG_5519

Day 450: The next morning I took my time making scrambled eggs for breakfast when a fisherman came by and gave me some fish. I did not know what to do with them, so I threw them back into the river.

IMG_5523 IMG_5521

Because I planed to cycle only 50km that day, I took my time and when I started it was already noon.

I did not go back to cross the river, because I used a old wooden bridge.


The day was hot, but the road was good and for the first 20km fairly flat.

I was very surprised when I saw this big hill before me. The climb was difficult but the worst part was the strong headwind. The combination made it extremly difficult and I was very exhausted when I reached 2300m. It was already 8pm and the sun was just setting.

IMG_5580 IMG_5588

I quickly decented to the next gas station and some people took a few pictures and asked me some questions.


They sugessted to stay at the gas station for the night and asked someone if that was ok.

The guy from the station showed me a place just beside the building where I could set up my camp. Later I went inside and had a sandwich and could recharge my batteries and computer.


The elevation was still over 2100m so the night was fairly cold.

Day 451: In the morning the wind was gone so I hurried to get on the bike. The area was beautiful and peaceful.

IMG_5604 IMG_5613

After some km I enjoyed a nice decent to 1800m but then I had to climb again to 2400m. Without the wind it was much easier.

On the way I met Jiri from Czech Republic. He tramped from Antalya to Armenia and now was going to Goris. I had the same way, so we made arrangements to meet in the evening.


After I finaly reached the top of the pass, I had a cruse down 1000m to the town of Goris.


I quickly found a nice hotel. After a shower and some rest I went to Jiri´s hotel and we had a nice lunch in his hotel. Afterwards we took a walk around the town and had a beer.

Day 452: Jiri send me a message asking if I would like to visit a old cave village nearby.

IMG_5655 IMG_5661

We met and took a taxi to the village. After walking and climbing at the historical village, we tried to tramp back to Goris. It was very easy, because almost instantly someone stopped and took us to the next intersection. After three different cars we were back in the town.


Jiri and I ate dinner and went to a cafe. We met a british guy who travels around and collects plants to grow in England. He suggested a different route to go to Iran, because there was no traffic and the road was very good.


Day 449: 70,77 km  all: 13.627 km

Day 450: 44,59 km  all: 13.672 km

Day 451: 64.,93 km  all: 13.737 km