I am back in Teheran 😁

 After more than 8 month in Germany I am back in Iran.

The flight and entry into the country was very smooth.

Now I stay with some very nice people I met last year on the road.

I already have my bike and equipment and in a few days I will cycle back to the west and to Germany. 


2 years !!

Today, exactly two years ago I started my tour in Munich.

I discovered many countries, experienced different cultures, met a lot of interesting people and have many unbelievable stories to tell.

It was an amazing journey.

Thank you all for following my blog and supporting me.

It is now time to continue.
After more than 7 month back in Germany I had a lot of time to think about how I will go on.
Due to some personal reasons and other considerations, I decided to do things differently.

My plan is to go back to Iran in a few weeks and cycle back to Germany.

I hope you continue following my blog and share with me all my new expireiences.