Day 107 – 15. August 2013

We had a good breakfast and after packing and saying goodbye to Marcin I was at the border at about 11 am.

There was a long line of waiting cars but I just passed them all. After a little bit of waiting a Polish officer collected my passport and I got it back after a few minutes. The line to the Ukrainian border was also not very short, but some people even showed me to pass the line. The custom officer took my passport and asked me about drugs, weapons and so on. They found one of my knifes and he had a problem with it. The knife was too big or too sharp and good for hunting. So they took it away from me.

IMG_3941 IMG_3942

Afterwards I thought about this stupid law. They probably have the same knife in the next store. So if I can buy the knife in Ukraine why is it forbidden to take it with me? Or is it just arbitrary?

Well at least I was in Ukraine now.IMG_3961

In the first small town someone gave me a present: IMG_3958

The street was very good. It was renewed for the European Soccer Championship in 2012. So it was a pleasant ride at best weather.

I came across a strange monument in the middle of nowhere.

IMG_3965 IMG_3966 IMG_3973 IMG_3971

It was getting to late to go through the city of Lviv so I looked for a place to set up my tent. I found a nice place on a hill and set my camp up, made some dinner and went to bed.


Day 107: 69,70 km  all: 3888 km

Day 106 – 14. August 2013

After breakfast I started to Zamosc only 10 km away.

After a quick look through the old town I had to find some spare parts for my bike.

IMG_3877 IMG_3878 IMG_3876 IMG_3879

At the first bike shop they could not help me. but another customer who spoke a little bit English took me to the next shop only 300 m down the street. He explained my problem and because  they also hadn’t  the right part he took me to another  shop.

Here they could at least sell me a spare chain. The other part I needed was a special part from Giant (my bike manufacturer). Remek, one of the guys from the shop, took his bike and we cycled 10 minutes to the other side of the town to a Giant bike shop.  They finally had the part I needed. I even got a special price with 20% discount.


After that we went to Remek´s own shop in a garage and fixed another small thing on my bike.


One of his workers told me I could not pass the border where I intended, because it was only for trucks and cars. Remek called the border and after 3 additional calls he got the information they would make an exception for me.

Marcin and I made arrangement to meet somewhere near  the border. Marcin had no passport and had to go back to Warsaw. He found a very nice place to stay and at about 6:30 pm I was also there.

In the evening we had a small dinner and made a fire to sit and drink something.

IMG_3917 IMG_3931 IMG_3923 IMG_3904IMG_3914 (1)

Day 106: 73,33 km  all: 3818 km

Day 105 – 13. August 2013

In the morning after I had packed my stuff, Marcin, my polish support team arrived and brought me some self made cake.



He drove from Warschau early in the morning to spend a few days with me.

We put the trailer and my panniers into his car and I could go on with a very light bike.

After a short but very heavy rain shower Marcin and I meed for lunch and had some good polish dumplings.


The terrain was getting hilly and I was happy not to carry all my bags with me.


In the evening Marcin found a hotel along the road and I reached the place after 105 km at 7 pm.

After a shower we went to Zamosc a small town 10 km away. The town has a nice main square with manny restaurance. We had a pizza and one drink and the more east I go the cheaper everything gets.

IMG_3872 IMG_3871


Day 105: 106,00 km  all: 3745 km

Day 104 – 12. August 2013

At 9 am I was cycling south again. The weather was very nice and so it was easy to go the whole day.

After 100 km I looked for a place to set up my tend and found a field close to the road.  Because I had some Kebab earlier I did not have to cook. The mosquitos where very aggressive so I had to get into the tent quickly.

Day 104: 93,42 km  all: 3639 km

Day 102-103 – 11.-12. August 2013

In the evening Lina and Danius took my luggage to the Bus station and I went with my bike the few km to the Bus.

After we managed to get a ticket to Bialystock for 50 Lit the driver had again some problem with all my luggage. But after an extra 30 Lit he found a place for my bike.


At 2 am in the morning we reached Bialystock. I had to do some rearrangement of my luggage and 30 minutes later I was on the road again. I went through the  town and went south for about 7 km. In a wooded area I found a place to put my hammock up and could sleep for 4 hours.


Short before 9 am I was cycling again. The weather was good the wind was from the west, the terrain was flat and I was getting along fairly fast. After 10 hours and 121 km I found a place on a field for my tent and made something to eat.



Day 103: 121,05 km  all: 3545 km