Day 295 – 19. February 2014

After a really needed sleep we woke up and planned to sail to Tel Aviv.

A friend of Elad was coming with us and while we waited for his arrival I was looking at the other boat at the marina.


Some nice established gentlemen invited me for a tea and listened to my story. We had a nice conversation and they offered me help to find a boat back to Turkey.


After Elad´s friend Roni arrived we had breakfast. We left the harbour and set sail.


Today the wind was excellent. Steady northern winds of 15-25 Kts. After we got out of the Haifa bay we shifted the sails to so called butterfly and had a very smooth and fast ride to Tel Aviv.


It took us only 10 hours with an average of 5,5 Kts to reach our destination.

After the sunset we had an amazing view on the skyline of Tel Aviv.


Roni had to go back to Haifa and we said good buy. He picked the best day to take a day off and sail with us.


Day 295: 55,17 Nm (102,17 km) sailing  all: 9803 km