Day 376-378 – 11.-13. May 2014

Day 376: After almost one month on the boat I was on the road again.

I had to cycle to Haifa to buy my ticket for the ship to Limassol.

The first day I went along the cost to the north. The conditions were almost perfect. It was not to hot and the terrain was flat. Only the traffic was a bit to mutch.


But after 60 km my muscles got tired after such a long absence from cycling.

I found a place to camp and had enough time to make dinner and enjoy the sunset.


Day 377: At 9 am I started cycling to Haifa. The road was still flat and easy and after 35 km I reach the city.

I quickly found the agency and bought my Ticket. It was not very cheap. 250€ for a overnight trip, including a cabin with dinner and breakfast. The Israeli exit tax of about 25€ was also included.


Now I had time till next day at 3pm. I needed a place for the night. I remeberd when we came to Haifa with the sailboat there was a small park very close to the marina.

Because it was only 4km away I decided to check it out.

Due to some railways and highways I had to take some detours and after another 12km I found a nice secluded place in the park. I enjoyed the sun for some hours and had enough time to set up ma tent.

IMG_3314 IMG_3322

Day 378: The next day I stayed in the park till about 1pm and left for the port again.


Well before 3pm I was waiting for the agent who picked us up and went through immigration, customs and passport control. At 4pm we entered the ship and could go to our cabin.


The cabin was fairly big and everything was clean and the shower was very refreshing.

At 5pm we had dinner and at about 7pm we left the port and put out to sea.

IMG_3347 IMG_3351

Only 3 other passengers were on board. On of them was from Australia and he is traveling for about 8 month now through Indonesia, Thailand, China, Nepal, India, Egypt, Israel and some other countries. So we talked about our trips and experiences the rest of the evening.


Day 376: 63,00 km  all: 11.100 km

Day 377: 58,48 km  all: 11.158 km

Day 378: 13,70 km  all: 11.172 km

Day 348-375 – 13. April – 10. May 2014

After I was back in Tel Aviv on the boot I relaxed a few days and afterwords tried to find a way back to Cyprus.

I searched the internet, send some e-mails and even went to the other marina 10 km north of Tel Aviv to find a boot to Cyprus or Turkey.

One sailing club even put my request on their Facebook page, but unfortunately nothing was succsesfull.

In the meantime I read a few books and we had some couch-surfing visitors.

Sometimes Elad was gone for work  and I was the stuart of the boot and took care of our guest.

We had

Sara and Ulrika, from Sweden,


Pierre from France, he lives and works in Etheopia,


and Adrian also from France.


We had a good time together on the „Grand Illusion“.


Elad got a tip from on of his friends, call a ship agency in Haifa and found a weekly boot from Haifa to Limassol.

So finally I could continue my journey.

Two days before I left, Elad and I had a very nice sailing day with perfect weather and wind.


I was very fortunate and thankful to meet Elad and we had a great time together.

Thank you Elad.


Day 342-347 – 7.-12. April 2014

After a few nice days at Sea of Galilee I circled the lake and spend another night close to the lake.IMG_3139

First I took the paved road but then I followed a bike road leading me on a very bad road to a small obstacle.

IMG_3147 IMG_3149

The river was not very deep and so I took my shoes off and pushed my bike through the wather.

I was happy to be on the paved road again and continues to the west side of the lake where I stayed the night.


After a good night in the tent I had to climb out of the Jordan valley. From -200m I climbed to 500m. From there on it was a good ride down to the cost.

After 95 km it was time to find a place to stay. In the sanddunes close to a big power plant I found a good place to put my tent.

IMG_3183 IMG_3178

The next day I still had to go 60 km to meet with my friend Illan and his family again.

The weather was nice and because the terrain was flat I had some time to collect some flowers and compose my 11.000km picture.

IMG_3186 IMG_3213

It was a happy reunion and I stayed two days at Illan´s place.

IMG_3231 IMG_3229

Illan left for Australia and I made the short trip back to the Tel Aviv marina to Elad and his boot.


Now after 3 weeks and 1200km through Israel and Jordan the circe was closed. I had a good time and had some great experiences.

Day 342: 39,40 km  all: 10.851 km

Day 343: 95,50 km  all: 10.946 km

Day 344: 63.27 km  all: 11.009 km

Day 347: 27,29 km  all: 11.037 km

Day 337-341 – 2.-6. April 2014

Day 337: It was time to leave Amman, so Patrick picked me up from the hotel and drove to the embassy.

I met the military attache whom I know from my stay 3 years ago. We talked about my plans and when Partick´s wife came they invited me to lunch.



After I finally got out of the city the terrain was very hilly and when a guy with a pickup truck offered to give me a ride I happily accepted. They drove me about 25 km to Jarash.


Jarash was a old Roman city and they still have a very impressive archeological site. But I saw it three years ago so I was not eager to go in. Instead I cycled on. After a few steep climbs it was getting late and I found a hotel with a camping ground. They wanted to charge me almost 11 € for the night so I decided to camp in the wild.


Day 338: In the morning I had to climb some more hills but then I reached the highest point and descended into the Jordan valley. At about -200m I had to go another 20 km to the border crossing.

The exit procedure on the Jordanian side was fairly quick. I had to pay 10€ exit tax (so the visa was not totally free) but then it was not possible to cycle to the Israeli side. For about 500m I had to take a bus.

On the other side they scanned all my luggage an also wanted to look in almost every bag. After 30 minutes I thought I was done but an immigration officer asked me so many questions that it took another 2 hours till I was finally approved to enter Israel.

My plan was to go 20-30 km to Sea of Galilee but because of the unexpected delay it was getting dark. About five km from the border I found a place to camp.

Day 339: The next day I cycled 40 km to Ein Gev, a kibutz on the east side of Sea of Galilee. I bought some groceries in a store and just north of the kibutz there was a nice official beach where I stayed for the next three nights.


Day 340-341: The next days I just relaxed, read a book and enjoyed the beautiful weather. They had even showers and toilets at the beach and I was very suprized when the water was hot.


I also meet a German cyclist who made it from Germany to Singapore and we shared some experiences.



Day 337: 33,58 km  all: 10.694 km

Day 338: 73,24 km  all: 10.767 km

Day 339: 44,05 km  all: 10.811 km

Day 328-329 – 24.-25. March 2014

After some slow preparation and packing I was ready at noon to go to Jordan.

Ameer tried to ride my fully loaded bike and we said good buy.

IMG_2499 IMG_2501

The border was very close and after a few minutes I reached the Israeli side. I had to pay the export tax of 107 ILS (22€) and was released to go to Jordan.

I got a free visa to Jordan (normally it cost 20€) because they want more visitors to Aqaba. Everybody was very friendly and the most words I would be hering from now on was: „Welcome to Jordan“.

I took the main road to Amman. It was a long climb to 700m and many trucks were using the road.


Two truck driver stopped me, offerd me something to drink and a snack to eat and afterwards gave me a bottle of drinking water.


After 35 km I looked for a place to camp. It was difficult to find something in this desert. I finally settled behind some communication towers.


The next day after 15 km cycling I came across a sign I had to follow.


I heard  a lot about Wadi Rum but did not know where it was. It was only 25 km to go so I decided to take the detour and take a look.


At the visitor center a guide approached me and explained what I could do and see. The prices where far beyond my budget and the guide offered me a jeep tour, accommodation, dinner and breakfast for together 45€. That was all I had.

He took my stuff and my bike on his truck and we drove 7 km to the entrance of wadi rum. Some of his family took care of my bike and luggage and we picked up another 2 people for the jeep tour.

The tour was almost three hours long with several stops and some amazing views.

IMG_2574 IMG_2593 IMG_2610 IMG_2652 IMG_2653

After the tour he brought me to his home and showed me a small room. It was empty and very dusty but he took a broom and cleaned the floor. I set up my tent inside the room and later on he brought me some rice and tomatoes with tea for dinner.

IMG_2668 IMG_2674


It was not very luxurious, but to see wadi rum was really a experience I don´t want to miss.

Day 328: 35,03 km  all: 10.272 km

Day 329: 36,41 km all: 10.309 km

Day 324-327 – 20.-23. March 2014

Ameer had to leave very early to accompany his sister to the Jerusalem marathon. So I was alone for the next two and a half days.

Most of the time I was watching movies and relaxing in his apartment. I also took a very long walk around the city and found an amazing Shopping Mall.

IMG_2468 IMG_2472 IMG_2469 IMG_2461 IMG_2460 IMG_2458


When Ameer came back we took our bikes and cycled to a beach very close to the Egyptian border to go swimming.


We saw some amazing corals and a lot of fish and other sea creatures.

vlcsnap-2014-03-28-23h17m39s133 vlcsnap-2014-03-28-23h13m59s182 vlcsnap-2014-03-28-23h16m59s251

Day 322-323 – 18.-19. March 2014

Day 322: Because of the very exhausting last day I did not intend to go very far. Today the wind was still strong but shifted and was now coming from the north again. The road had a light descending slope, so I was very fast.


After only 25 km I stopped at a big rest area with free wi-fi and I recharged my batteries and updated my blog.

I had time because my intend was to look for a place nearby to spend the night and go to Eilat the next day.

The day before I learned that my friend´s uncle  who is living in Eilat is not home and I had to look for another accommodation. I contacted Marcin, my Polish support and he managed to find a couchsufer for me in Eilat.

While I was sitting at the rest area I met manny people who where interested in my bike. At one point I was surrounded by a group of German tourists who I showed my promotion video and advertised my blog.

After my batteries where recharged I looked for a place for the night. I found a good spot under a tree and pitched up my tent and had a tomato-cucumber salad for lunch. The rest of the day I just relaxed.


Day 323: I was not in a hurry because my host in Eilat was not home before 3pm and I only had 40 km to go.

I went back to the rest area and spend some time in the internet and at noon I left for Eilat.

The wind was very strong but this time in my favor so I made the 40 km in under 2 hours.

I contacted my host and after a short while I met Ameer.


He is a nice, funny guy who loves to host people in his one room apartment. Ameer had to go back to his school and left me with another german guest of his.

Marika, was about to catch a bus to Ein Gedi and I escorted her to the bus station and talked about our journeys.

When Ameer got back in the evening we took the bikes and he showed me the city. We went to the beach and talked till midnight.

Day 322: 28,71 km  all: 10.197 km

Day 323: 40.61 km  all: 10.237 km