Day 51 – 20. June 2013

[gw] A few minutes past 9am I was on the road again.

After some nice roads and two castles I reached the border to Poland just past 2pm.

IMG_1617 IMG_1619 IMG_1628 IMG_1635

Goodbye Germany!!

As I was standing there I was thinking when I will be back?


After about 70 km I decided to go to a camping ground near the town of Witnica. The Hotel and the camping-ground were located at a lake 3km north of the town. The camping ground was closed and I did not want to pay 28€ for a room.

So I went back and just east of the town was a petrol-station with a restaurant. I was hungry and so I decided to eat a Pizza and look for a place for some ‘wild’ camping.


The petrol-station had a little rest area and while eating I thought why not stay here for the night.

I asked the waitress and after a confirmation of her boss I was allowed to pitch up my tent.

I was also able to take a shower. The shower-head was missing, but the water was warm and everything was for free.


In the evening a thunderstorm came up. Lightning came closer, and at about 11pm the guy from the petrol-station came to my tent. He showed me a room, gave me the key and told me if the thunderstorm is getting dangerous I should go to the room.

I watched the storm coming closer and closer and decided to take shelter. A few minutes later it started raining with heavy winds and some hail and lightning. But the center of the storm passed in the south. After about 2 hours the worst was over and I was able to go back to my tent.

Day 51: 75,15 km   all: 1209 km 

Day 50 – 19. June 2013

[gw] After 14 days in Berlin it was time to move on.

After I packed my stuff I left Ronny´s apartment at 11am.

After one hour I passed a cycling-shop and I decided to buy a tube for the trailer as a reserve.

Just 5 minutes after the purchase I had a flat tire. Yes, it was the trailer. What a coincidence!


After only 15 minutes the tube was replaced and everything was fine.

After a few hours of flat terrain I met a guy from Lithuania.


He showed me his collection of stamps and autographs from famous people and politicians. He is now on the way to Berlin and wants to ask for an autograph from Angela Merkel.

After a nice warm day I decided to look for a camping place. Almost 65 km was enough and I even had time to go swimming in the nearby lake.

In the evening I cooked something. For the first time I used my new “table”. It works very good.

IMG_1612 IMG_1613

Day 50: 64,74 km   all: 1134 km

Day 37-49 : 06 – 18.06.2013

[gw] The last two weeks I spent in Berlin.

I did some sightseeing, met with friends and repaired my bike and trailer.

I had the chance to see the training of a special Federal Police unit. I was chosen to be the VIP who had to be protected.

IMG_1479 IMG_1482 IMG_1484 IMG_1486

On sunday morning we met at 8am at the world clock on ‘Alexanderplatz’ to make an early bike tour through Berlin.

At this time Berlin is very empty.

Day 36 : 5. June 2013

[gw] At 10:30 in the morning I started my trip to Berlin.

After I left the city of Cottbus I met Erich, a cyclist from Austria who has been travelling around Europe since 2001.

IMG_1318 IMG_1319

It was a perfect day for cycling. The weather and temperature was perfect. The way through the “Spreewald ” was flat and very nice. Just in case you don’t know the Spreewald, here a brief Wikipedia description:

situated about 100 km south-east of Berlin. It was designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1991. It is known for its traditional irrigation system which consists of more than 200 small channels (called “Fliesse”; total length: 1.300 km ) within the 484-square-kilometre (187 sq mi) area. The landscape was shaped during the ice-age. Alder forests on wetlands and pine forests on sandy dry areas are characteristic for the region. Grasslands and fields can be found as well.

I also met some people from Augsburg who were interested in my tour.


After 50km I reached my first 1.000km mark.

IMG_1372 IMG_1374

After almost 120km and 11 hours I finally made it to Berlin.

IMG_1391 IMG_1403

At almost 10pm I reached the apartment of Ronny.

Then next week I will spend in Berlin.

Day 36: 119.49  km     all: 1069 km

Day 35 : 4. June 2013

[gw] Finally it is not raining and I can continue my journey.

Without  the canoe the bike is not only lighter, it is also more stable because the center of gravity is lower now.

I decided to go on without the canoe, because it is too heavy and the bike is hard to control and sometimes even dangerous on the streets.


After one hour it started to rain again, so I hid in a bus station for some time. After the shower the weather got better, and in the evening the sun comes out.

Due to the bad weather, the water level of the rivers is very high and in some areas it is worse than the flood in 2002.

IMG_1262 IMG_1276 IMG_1271 IMG_1275 IMG_1278

At 8pm I reached Cottbus and met Jens personally.
Jens is the developer of the “Forumslader“, a device to use the bicycle dynamo as a power source.

Here is my energy setup

This device needed a software update and some other small repairs.


After a shower and dinner, Jens and his wife and myself sat together till 2am. I heard some interesting stories about their family and life.

Thank you again for your hospitality.

Day 35: 92,49 km   all: 949 km

Day 30: 30. May 2013

[gw] To check the position of the kidney stone I had a CAT scan in the morning.
The stone is still just before the bladder and could come out at any time.
After I got my papers I finally left the hospital. A taxi took me back to the youth hostel. I packed my stuff and was on my way at about 1 pm.
After one hour it started to rain. The first 30km I had to climb some hills and the rain was getting stronger.
Andi, a good friend from Berlin, came to help. He drove down from Berlin to intercept me and take my trailer and the panniers with the car to his parents.

The next 20km to their home close to Bautzen was pretty wet but very fast with 90 kg less to carry.IMG_1250
We met at a restaurant and after a plate of meat Andi took my canoe back to Berlin.
Without the canoe I have now about 25 kg less to carry.

Day 30: 53,79 km  all: 857 km