Day 262-264 – 17.-19. January 2014

We had a pleasant fairy ride and reached Girne in the morning. After debarking and some immigration formalities we entered a new country. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (only recognized by Turkey).


IMG_0832 IMG_0831

We cycled to the nearby old harbor and found a hostel very close buy. We got a good prize for a room for three and an extra mattress. The room was clean and the best feature was the terrace on top of the building where we could sit in the sun and use it for cooking.

IMG_0835 IMG_0854

The next days we didn’t do much. Only a little bit sightseeing, sitting in the sun and enjoying the nice weather on the terrace.

Arriving at the hostel we noticed two bikes and later we meet the owners. Anna and Matthias from Germany also travel by bike. We spend the evening together and the next morning they took off to go to the north cape of Cyprus.


We met Rich from America, who is traveling around the world and is writing a “beer Travel book”. We invited him for one of Sarah’s outstanding dinners.

IMG_0865 IMG_0869

Day 262: 4,71 km  all: 8774 km