Day 379-383 – 14.-18. May 2014

Day 379: I sleept very good in my cabin and in the morning we had a basic breakfast.

At 10am we reached the port of Limassol and I was welcomed by the „Red Arrows“, the royal air force jet display team. They flew over our ship and then performed their show over the nerby air force base.


We had to wait for an agent to pick us up and bring us to the passport control. After we passed immigration they sent us to customs. We could not find the customs and so we just went out of the port without any problem.

I said good buy to the Australian guy an started to cycle towards Larnaca.


After 10km I met him again in a cafe close to the road. He took the bus and got off to change buses to go to Nicosia.

The rest of the way to Larnaca was very nice. I had a strong wind from behind and the road was flat, so I was in Larnaca after only 5 hours.

IMG_3372 IMG_3374

I met the german friend we met when we stayed in the hotel in Larnaca and I could stay at his place for the next two days.

Day 380-381: I spend the days relaxing and walking around the city and meeting with my host. It was good to speak german again.

Day 382: I found a time schedule of the ferry boats  from North Cyprus to Turkey and it said there would be a boat on sunday.

I went from Larnaca to Nicosia and crossed the border to North Cyprus. Then I had to cycle another 35km to Kyrenia/Girne. It was again a nice ride with one bigger hill just before Kyrenia.


Frist I went to the port and looked for some information about the next ferry. It was past 5pm so I only talked to a police man. He did not know if there was a boat the next day and just recommend to come back early in the morning.

I cycled to the old harbor and to the hostel where we stayed the last time. The manager remembered me and I got a bed for a good price.


At the evening I met some other guests and one turkish guy told me there is no ferry going the next day. We looked it up in the internet and found out the fast passenger ferry start only in june and the next car ferry leaves in two days.

Now I had time to get to know the other travelers and we had a very nice night out.

IMG_3432 IMG_3433 IMG_3441

Day 383: After I had a little bit of sleep I went back to the port. Nobody was there but I found a leaflet with some information about the next ferry.

In the afternoon we decided to make a barbecue on the roof and everybody helped preparing and cooking the meal.

IMG_3468 IMG_3471




Day 379: 76,73 km  all: 11.249 km

Day 382: 76,59 km  all: 11.325 km

Day 292-294 – 16.-18. February 2014

We prepared everything to sail to Israel. The police told us, because it was Sunday, that the custom probably would not come and we have to wait till the next day.

In the evening Elad got a call saying that the custom officer showed up and we could leave. It was already 7pm but we decided to go anyway.


At 7:30pm we left the harbour and started our journey to Israel.


We set sail but the wind was not very strong so we only made about 3 Nm per hour during the night.

IMG_1657 IMG_1664

The next day the wind picked up a little bit and we had an average of 3,5-4 kts.


The second night was also clear and not very cold. Elad and I divided the watch in 3 hour shifts so everybody had some rest.


The next morning we were 40 Nm from Haifa. Because we were not able to make it during customs operation hours to Tel Aviv, we decided to go to Haifa.

20 Nm to Haifa the Israeli Navy intercepted our boat to check us out.


Before we entered the harbor two police boats came and escorted us to a special customs peer.

About 10 people waited for us to inspected our boat and ask a lot of questions. Finally I got my passport back and we were free to go.

We relocated the boat and stayed in Haifa for the night.

Later a friend of Elad picked us up and drove us to the center where we had a dinner and a beer.

IMG_1716 IMG_1718

„Welcome to Israel !”

Day 292-294: 163,4 NM (302,26 km) sailing  all: 9700 km

Day 281-291 – 5.-15. February 2014

The weather was finally good enough to sail to Larnaca.

IMG_1562 IMG_1570

At 1 pm we left the harbor and set sail. It took us 26 hours to reach our destination.

IMG_1589 IMG_1592 IMG_1601

The wind was mostly good with some low or no wind phases.

Eland and I took turns steering the boat so everybody had some rest during the night.


After a fairly pleasant night we had a good breakfast and in the afternoon we reached the marina of Larnaca.

IMG_1615 IMG_1616

The next week we spend relaxing, and waiting for some packages I was expecting. I could send them to the German guy from the hotel we stayed when we were in Larnaca.

One day Eland and I took a bus to Nicosia to see the  town and to kill some time.

IMG_1631 IMG_1635 IMG_1638

Finally I received all my post and we had to wait another two days for suitable weather to sail to Israel.


Day 281-282: 89,26 NM (165,31 km) sailing  all: 9398 km

Day 277-280 – 1.-4. February 2014

In the morning I went shopping for our trip to Paphos. After we finished all preparation we set sail.


We started in the afternoon and planed to sail trough the night in order to reach Paphos the next morning.

At the beginning the wind was not to strong and it was perfect to get into sailing again.


After the sunset the wind was week but was getting stronger during the night. We had winds up to 25 kts and the boat was at its max speed of 6-7 kts.


Elad and I took shifts, so we could rest for 2 hours.

In the morning we reached the harbour and had a place between two big yachts. Because the harbour is not very protected against wind and waves we relocated to a better spot.

IMG_1525 IMG_1514

The harbour and its facilities were not very good, so we decided to leave as early as possible. We had to wait three days, because the weather was not suitable for us to go to Larnaca.

Most of the time we sat on the boat or went to a cafe to have an internet connection.


Day 277: 52,32 NM (96,90 km) sailing   all: 9233 km

Day 274-276 – 29.-31. January 2014

Limassol was only about 70 km from Larnaca. Sarah and Scott wanted to do the distance in one day because they needed to look for a boat to Egypt. I was not in a hurry and there was a strong headwind, so I decided to go only half the way today.

Jakob and his father had to pick up the rental bike and slowly head to Limassol.

So I was on my own again.


The wind was strong but not as bad as I expected and I made good distance during the day.

Half way to Limassol I decided to give a guy I contacted through a call. The day before he was not sure if he was able to host me, but as it turned out he was and invited me to stay with him.

Elad is from Israel and lives in Tel Aviv on his boat. Now he is exploring the Mediterranean sea on his boat  for some time.

IMG_1446 IMG_1462

The boat is not very big (only 29 feet, 8,8m) but still one of the nicest accommodations I had so far.

The next few days we spend doing small repairs on the boat and enjoying the sun.


The evening before we sailed to Paphos, I cycled 10 km to Limassol to meet Sarah and Scott.


In the hotel´s lobby I met Rich again (the American we meet in Girne in the hostel Day 262-264). Also Jakob and his dad were staying in the same hotel.

We all went out for a drink and it was really nice to see all again, maybe the last time for a long while.


Day 274: 60,54 km  all: 9136 km

Day 270-273 – 25.-28. January 2014

In the morning we cycled the two km to the border. We crossed to Cyprus through a British base and the next few km we were in a buffer zone between North Cyprus and Cyprus. On both sides of the roads there were army outposts overlooking the other side.


Some time later it started raining and we waited at a parking place for the rain to pass.


After only 40 km we reached Larnaca. It started raining again, so we went to a cafe, had a beer and looked in the internet to find an apartment for 5 people.


Sarah and Scott went out to inspect some of the rooms and found a good place.

The hotel was fairly cheap and had 3 rooms and a kitchen. I met a German man who is staying in the hotel for some time now and he was very interested to hear more about my tour. In the next days we talked and he read all articles on my blog.

Jakob had to go to the airport and pick up his dad, who came from Denmark to join his son for a few weeks cycling.


In the evening we all sat together and enjoyed the dinner Sarah and Scott made.

The next few days we relaxed, went shopping and Jakob and his dad were looking for a rental bike.

Sarah and Scott had contact to a guy from the fixed-gear community in Larnaca. He took us for a bike ride to the nerby lake to see some flamingos.

IMG_1387 IMG_1392 IMG_1395

We only saw some flamingos from a distance but we visited a nice, old mosque.

Day 270: 46,45 km  all: 9075 km