Day 232-234 – 18.-20. December 2013

[ghw] After a nice breakfast, we took the bus to the town center and walked around the city. We saw the market, some historic buildings and had some lunch with tea.

IMG_9032 IMG_9038 IMG_9045

The evening Adnan had seen all my equipment generating the needed power-supply during my trip (Power-Supply), he decided to call his friend Feridun. Feridun teaches electronics at the university and asked me if I would like to speak to his electronics class about my equipment.


At 5pm we met with Feridun and Adnan to set up the presentation. First, I talked about my equipment and my trip, then Sarah and Scott spoke about their experiences on their trip. Afterwards we answered many questions and took some pictures.

IMG_9086 IMG_9117

Later we had some tea, after which Feridun took us to a nice home cooking restaurant.

The next day we had some more appointments.

Sarah is a pastry chef in Paris and was very interested to see some culinary students and their kitchen. We met the class and their teacher and were even served a very tasty meal and the best Turkish baclava I had so far.

IMG_9120 IMG_9149 IMG_9151

Adnan, the chef of the culinary students, invited us for dinner to his evening class.


We accepted but had to hurry to the university’s main campus 10km outside the town to give a presentation.


Sarah and Scott made a very interesting presentation with many pictures and a lot of funny and astonishing stories.


Afterwards I showed mine video and talked about my experiences on this trip. We answered a lot of questions and again took a lot of pictures with the students.


Adnan showed us the university and we had tea with some of his colleagues.

We had to cycle back to the other campus to go to our dinner invitation.

The culinary students had to make sandwiches. We had so many different types and they all were very tasty. At some point we could not eat any more but were very happy.

IMG_9203 IMG_9207

Next day we took it very slowly. We slept in, went to town, had something to eat, had a drink in a bar and when we got back to the Apartment, we played Okey with our host Canan.

We all agreed that the last 3 days in Muḡla were a great experience.

Day 231 – 17. December 2013

We started from Cine at 10 am with a beautiful sunny day. After 10 km we had to climb a steep 400 m hill. The next 30 km were just some small up and downs, but before reaching Muḡla we had another hill to face. That day we climbed more than 1000m.

IMG_8949 IMG_8960 IMG_9018

Sarah and Scott had met Adnan in Izmir and he offered to find a place for us in Muḡla. We called him and met with him at a supermarket. He found some of his students who let us stay in their apartment.


We stayed with Oskay and Canan who are university students and share a small apartment.


In the evening Adnan, his wife and daughter came and we made plans for the next days.

Day 231: 67.57 km  all: 7783 km

Day 230 – 16. December 2013

Yesterday I broke a spoke that I had to fix in the morning. It was not difficult it just took some time so we left Cem´s place after noon.


From Aydin to Cine is only about 40 km so we were in no hurry.

The weather was excellent and the terrain not very demanding, so we reached Cine in the early afternoon.

We went to the town center. In front of a cafe a women approached us and talked to me in German. She had lived in Germany for several years and wanted to help us and told us where we could find a hotel.

In the cafe we met Samin, an investment banker. He offered us a tea and some cookies and we talked for about half an hour.


We found the hotel and got a good price. Our room was on the forth floor so we were happy when we finally had all our stuff in the room. In the evening we looked for a restaurant. Sarah and Scott are vegetarian and Sarah even vegan, so it is sometimes difficult to find an appropriate place to eat.

Day 39,11 km  all: 7716 km

Day 229 – 15. December 2013

Sarah, Scott and I decided to ride together for a while, because we still had so many things to talk about.

After breakfast we left Selcuk and cycled to the south. The first hour we spent climbing up a big hill. After that the rest of the road to Aydin was nice and flat.


We meet a Dutch cyclist on the way to Izmir.


About 10 km to Aydin we saw a group of cyclists sitting in a cafe. We stopped and got invited for tea. The group was from the university of Aydin and they are cycling every weekend.


We all cycled together to the university. Unfortunately the university is on a hill and the road was very steep. Finally we made it and we asked if they had any place to stay for us. Some of them escorted us to a hotel in the town. We were discussing the price and condition of the stay, when some of our new friends gave me his phone and I talked to another guy. He offered us to stay at his place for the night. So we left the hotel and went to his place.


Cem is a research assistant and is in graduate school. He lives in a very nice apartment and gave us his bedroom to sleep in.

After some tea, showering and talking we went to one of the girls from the cycling group. We had a very nice dinner with many of the other cyclists and some other people. It was a lovely evening with many new friends and we really enjoyed the time.

IMG_8893 IMG_8902

Day 229: 60,54 km  all: 7677 km

Day 228 – 14. December 2013

At breakfast I meet Sarah and Scott and we had to tell so many stories that they decided to stay another day in Selcuk. After a very long breakfast it was time to visit Efes or Ephesus.

I cycled about 2 km to the entrance and could safely store my bike behind the ticket office.

Efes is a very old town founded more than 3000 years ago.

IMG_8707 IMG_8757

Compared to Troy, these ruins are much more impressive. Especially the theater with a capacity of about 24.000 seatings.

I had a nice time and perfect weather strolling around Efes.

On the way back I also stopped at the ruins of the Temple of Artemis. One of the  Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

There is really not much to see. The main attraction was some very cute puppies.


IMG_8808 IMG_8801

Some time later, after I got back to the pension, I meet with Sarah and Scott and they had an invitation for tea from a carpet seller.


Mehmet served us some tea in his shop and afterwards showed us a place to eat. After we had dinner we played a very common game in Turky called OK. We had a lot of fun talking and playing and finally Mehmet and I won the game and Sarah and Scott had to pay for the tea.

IMG_8820 IMG_8816

Day 227 – 13. December 2013

After almost one week in Izmir I left to proceed to the south.

I cycled 15 km through the city, passed the airport and from there it was a nice flat road to Selcuk.


The weather was getting better. In the afternoon the sun came out and it was really nice ride my bike again.

20 km to my destination I called Mehments brother (the teacher from Biga) and we arranged a meeting in Selcuk.

When I arrived in Selcuk and waited, Sarah and Scott saw me with my bike and came to talk to me.

Sarah is from the USA and Scott is from Canada. They live in Paris and started with their bicycles in August to go to South Africa. They were in Troy just one day after me and the owner of the place I stayed showed them my sticker. They also saw my bike in Izmir standing in front of the bar but missed me. After a few minutes Mehmets brother came and we just exchanged our adresses and went our ways.



After I got to know some students and friends, Mehments brother had to leave for work. His friends took care of me and helped find a nice pension.

While I was unpacking my stuff Sarah and Scott knocked on my door. As it turned out they had the room next to mine. So we talked for quite some time about some of our experiences and said we would meet the next morning at breakfast.

Day 227: 77,74 km  all: 7616 km