Sailing/Party with the Australians

A few days ago I was asked if I would like to go and get a boat from Lefkas to Plataria.

I had time, so we drove to Lefkas (about 1 hour) and 7 hours back to Plataria. There was not much action (no sailing), but it was still a nice experience on a different boat.

The next day I could go with the boat and 8 young Australians to Sivoto, just 1 hour away. The boat was part of a flotilla of 4 boats and about 35 people.

Just before the departure Mike, who organizes the boats and the skippers, asked me if I want to go 3 days as the skipper. I accepted, packed some cloth and then we were on the way. Another skipper came with me to Sivota to show me how everything works and left in Sivota.

The next days where a lot of fun. Swimming, sailing, anchoring, barbecue and a lot of party.

I had a great time with the Australians. And I had an excellent crew on board.

FullSizeRender (1)

On the last day I invited them on my boat for a few drinks and I did not know that you can fit 13 people in my small cockpit.


With my drone I shot some footage and cut a video of the 3 days:



Fixing the Boat and exploring the Ionian Islands


After I got to my boat it took me a few weeks of intensive work to install all the equipment I  had with me.


I installed a new radar, solar panels, wind generator, Chart plotter, displays, Wifi antenna, new wind and speed sensors, and a mast to carry all the stuff. I also had to do some painting (antifouling) and many small projects. (I will post a tour of my boot in a later post)


After that I finally was in the water again.


I was ready for some company. My brother and another friend each came for one week. We did some sailing between Corfu, Paxos and the main land.

After that I had some time to finish another big Projekt. I wanted to have all lines in the cockpit, so I don´t have to leave it for operating the main sail.

It took me a few days and the help of one of my boat neighbours, but I like the result.

In the beginning of June I picked up a special woman, and she stayed one month on the boat.

Be proceeded from corfu south to the other ionian islands and came back to corfu. We sometimes had good sailing conditions and found some amazing bays and places to anchor.




I am back !

Hello everybody.

After I finished my biketour almost two years ago, you probably wondered what I was dooing?

Last year I bought a 34 foot sailboat and now I am on the ferry from Venice to Greece with a lot of new equipment and new ideas. 

The plan is to continue my world trip, this time by sailing.

So stay tuned for new stories, pictures and videos.

Hope you like to follow me again on my trip and support me.


Day 523-529 – 28. June – 4. July 2015

I stayed five days at Velat . He had to work, so during the day I was alone. I spend some time walking through the city, but at 36°C ist was no pleasure.

In the evening Velat and me went out. Sometimes meeting some of his friends, smoking water-pipe or just had a drink.

IMG_1612 IMG_1614

I received my new sim card from Germany and time went by very fast.

In the evening on July 2nd Velad and a friend accompanied me by cycling to the bus terminal.


I took the bus from Diyarbakir to Kayseri. The bus ride took the whole night an after a very nice sunrise I reached Kayseri.

It was the first time on my trip I had to wear a light jacket. It was about 15°C. After on hour it was already 20° and was getting warmer by the minute.



Just before I reached Cappadocia I had some hills to climb. Because I started very early I reached a nice camping place after 70 km at about 1 pm.

IMG_1666 IMG_1674

The camping place was fairly empty, had a nice Pool and free internet. I stayed for two nights.

In the afternoon I walked to the nearby city for some shopping and dinner. The city is very touristic. Everywhere you can rent quads, motorcycles, bicycles or sign up for a Jeep safari or a hot air ballon ride.


I was happy when I was back at my camping place.

I met a very nice couple from South Korea. They were traveling by bicycle and started 10 month ago from, I believe it was Hong Kong. We had a nice conversation an in the evening we sat together and shared some traveling stories.


Just before sunset I climbed up some hills to take Pictures from the sunset and the scenery.

IMG_1712 IMG_1720

Very early in the morning I woke up and took some amazing pictures of the more than 50 hot air balloons.

IMG_1804IMG_1794 IMG_1798 IMG_1919

After an some extra sleep I took a tour around Cappadocia with my bike. Again I could take some nice pictures.

IMG_1834 IMG_1862 IMG_1846 IMG_1852

When I came back to the camping place, I enjoyed the pool and relaxed in the sun.


Cappadocia is a amazing place. Only to manny tourists for my taste. But in the evening and early in the morning it is OK.

Day 528: 67,31 km  all: 15.565 km

Day 519-522 – 24.-27. June 2015

Day 519: I left Van and cycled south of the lake to the west. The road was nice and I had some wind from the rear.

IMG_1448 IMG_1456

After 60 km I was half way to Tatvan and I had some mountains ahead. I was stopped by some young people from the Jandarma. They where very interested in seeing my bike. They offered me some water and gave me baclava to eat. One of  them lived in England and so he translated my story to the others.IMG_1467

I just told them that I might want to find a ride to Tatvan and 10 minutes later they found a truck driver who took me the next 60 km to Tatvan.

IMG_1486 IMG_1475

We put the bike into the empty truck and I had a very comfortable ride through a wonderful landscape.

IMG_1487 IMG_1488

In Tatvan I stayed in the same Hotel like one year before.


Day 520:  At 10 am I left Tatvan and climed 100m to 1800m. After that the next 70km was a very long decent. I remembered coining up the same way one year ago and it was so much harder.

IMG_1509 IMG_1523 IMG_1525 IMG_1540

After 90 km I found a nice wooded area where I camped.


Day 521: It was very hot and the road was a constant up and down. I was exhausted and happy to find a place to camp after 75 km.

IMG_1560 IMG_1563 IMG_1584

Day 522: In the morning a sheperd came to my tent and wanted to have some money for the camping. I gave him 1€ and he was not very happy about it, but he did not argue. Another man came (I thing it was his boss and he called him) and they waited and watched me packing. Just before I was finished they were suddenly gone.?

The 70km to Diyarbakir were very difficult because there where 7 or 8 big valleys and always a climb and decent.

IMG_1593 IMG_1601 IMG_1609

Finally I reached Diyarbakir and went to Vedat´s appartment. I stayed at his place last year for 3 days and we had a great time. Because I lost my iPhone6 in Iran and could not call him I went to a little shop close by and asked someone if I could use his phone.

There where several people sitting in front of the shop and offered me a place to sit. One of them called Vedat and said he was coming after about one hour. So I sat down and told my story to the people.

It was very nice to see Vedat again.

Day 519: 69,66 km  all: 15.253 km

Day 520: 92,15 km  all: 15.345 km

Day 521: 74,92 km  all: 15.420 km

Day 522: 69,63 km  all: 15.489 km


Day 515-518 – 20.-23. June 2015

Day 515: Faraz showed me the way to the bus station and a relativ was the bus driver. So for the first time I did not have to pay extra for my bike and luggage.


The bus took me to Khoy. About 150km north. From Khoy I cycled west to the Turkish border.It was a very nice day and I was climbing the whole day. After 400m climb I decided to stop someone to take me up the mountain. I quickly found a Pickup who was willing to take me.


After 25km we arrived at his house and he invited me for a tea. I not only got a tea but a full meal.


Just 7km before the border I found a nice place for the night.


Day 516: After only a few minutes I reached the border in the morning. It was a little chaotic, but someone helped me to pass the line and get my stamp very quickly.

The Turkish side was also busy and I waited in line for about 30 minutes. I got my stamp and was free to go.


The first thing I noticed was the roads. A big, new four lane road lead to the border. I was back in Turkey.


In the afternoon the wind was getting stronger and it always was a headwind.

So after 60 km I decided to look for a place for the night. In this area there are almost no trees, but I managed to find a perfect spot.

IMG_1395 IMG_1397

Day 517: I had to go less than 60 km to Van. The wind was gone and the road fine. So after only 5 hours I reached Van.

IMG_1404 IMG_1413

I quickly found a cheap Hotel (10€ per day) and stayed for two days.

The hotel was in the middle of the city. Because it was ramadan it was difficult to find something to eat. After 30 minute I finally found a restaurant and had a quick Döner.


Day 518: I used the free day to do my laundry, update my Blog and I send a package to Germany. I managed to send back 8 kg of equipment I do not need for the rest of the Trip.

IMG_1427 IMG_1428

In the evening I had something to eat and afterwards sitting for almost 2 hours at a very busy pedestrian street. After four tea, smoking a water-pipe and watching the people, I was very relaxed and happy.



Day 515: 45,05 km  all: 15.068 km

Day 516: 59,26 km  all: 15.128 km

Day 517: 55,39 km  all: 15.183 km

Day 509-514 – 15.-19. June 2015

Saeed showed me the way to the bus terminal and after another 45 minutes I was on the way to Tabris.

In the bus I met Oliver, a young German traveler who started a few month ago in Thailand and made his way through Nepal and Iran and is going through Armenia and Georgia back to Germany.


In Tabris I was picked up by my friend Faraz, who I met last year.

In the afternoon we went through the bazar and by coincidence met Oliver.

IMG_0951 IMG_0952

The next day Faraz and two of his friends showed me a historical town where people build their houses into the mountains.

IMG_0957 IMG_0959 IMG_0968 IMG_0979

When we came back to the apartment Faraz had invited another cyclist from Holland. We spend the rest of the evening making dinner and talking about our traveling.


The next morning Faraz and I took the bus to his hometown Urmia.

Urmia is located at lake Urmia. A salt lake in the west of Iran. After in 1984 dams where build the weather level decreased and the area of the lake has diminished by about 70%.


The next few days I stayed with Faraz family. We were always meeting friends and family, did some sightseeing, visited a mushroom factory, a zoo and where invited to a birthday party.

IMG_1022 IMG_1038 IMG_1048 IMG_1057 IMG_1076IMG_1091 IMG_1107

One day we drove to the north and had lunch at a friends house. Afterwards we drove to the salt lake and they helped me to make my 15.000km picture.


It was hard work and took more than 1.5 hours to scrape the numbers into the salt.

IMG_1187 IMG_1194 IMG_1207 IMG_1277

Day 506-508 – 11.-13. June 2015

At 11 am I took a bus from Isfahan back to Teheran. Buses are very cheap in Iran. For 8€ I got a 6 hour trip in a very confortahbe seat with water and a section of fruits.


In Teheran I met Sahel at the terminal to go back to Qazvin. But there are two bus-stations in Teheran and so I had to take a taxi from one terminal to the other.

In Qazvin I spend one night with Sahel and her family and the next morning they took my luggage and I cycled to the Terminal to take a bus to Zanjan, about 200km to the north west.


Because there was no bus leaving from the terminal, we drove to the highway. At a rest-area we quickly found a bus going to Zanjan and 2 hours later I was at my destination. I only had to cycle 8km to Saeed´s house.

In the evening we had a dinner with his family. The next day Saeed showed me the famous bazar and his carpet shop. He helped me find some presents and we visited some traditional craftsman.

IMG_0885 IMG_0892 IMG_0896 IMG_0898 IMG_0900 IMG_0907

In the afternoon he drove me to one of his close friends. I stayed with this lovely family till the next day.

They took me to their garden and we had a nice barbecue with tea at the campfire.

IMG_0914 IMG_0919 IMG_0928 IMG_0930

Day 502-505 – 7.-10. June 2015

Day 502: On Sunday morning Sahel and I took the bus to Teheran. I spend the morning with Sahel and her sister before heading to Arsalan´s appartment.

We had a small lunch with his roommate and a few friends. Afterwards we drove to Isfahan.


It was already getting dark when we reached Isfahan. After a quick stop at Arsalan´s home we went out to the city to see one of the famous bridges.

IMG_0709 IMG_0712

Day 503: We sleped in late and Arsalan used the day for some work. In the evening we piked up two of Arsalan´s friends and went to Naqsh-e Jahan Square.


IMG_0730 IMG_0735

While there, we had a tea and a water-pipe in a very unique place.


Afterwards we had dinner in a very nice hotel with a fantastic inner courtyard.

IMG_0763 IMG_0773

Day 504-505: The next two days where filled with some more sightseeing and meeting friends. I even went with Arsalan to his gym to exercise a little bit.

IMG_0787 IMG_0836

I had a fantastic time with Arsaman, his family and his friends.

Day 499-501 – 4.-6. June 2015

I decided to visit Isfahan while I was in Iran. So I called Arsalan who is from that city to ask him about a place to stay. It was a lucky coincident that he was going home for a few days and he invited me to come with him.

He was leaving on Sunday so I had three days in Qazvin.
Sahel showed me around the city and the next morning her father and I took a very nice 5 hour hike in the nearby mountains.

IMG_0547 IMG_0570 IMG_0599 IMG_0619 IMG_0635 IMG_0645
The family showed me around and I had too much to eat. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, between the meals fruits and tee with nuts and other sweets. I have to get on my bike again and loose some extra pounds.
I even learned a new recipe of a aborigine, garlic, tomato and egg paste.