Day 111 – 19. August 2013

At 9:30 am I started to continue climbing the mountains. It took another 20 km to climb the 400 m to the top. After 3 hours I finally reached the top at about 920 m.


After a break I started the descent. The first 5 km was very steep but after that the following 75 km was a nice ride down to Romania.

In the evening I reached the border to Romania. At the Ukrainian side they just stamped my passport.

Then I bought some Duty Free things: vodka in a bag. Very useful for cyclist.


Then I crossed the river Theiß on a very old narrow bridge.


The Romanian border officers were very friendly an interested in my bike and equipment. They even let me take a picture of the border sign.


It was getting late and after 110km I looked for a hotel. At the outskirts of the town I found a hotel and got a room for the night.

In the cupboard I found some traditional cloth. On one side for male and on the other for female. Maybe it is so you cold dress properly for dinner.


Day 111: 110,15 km  all: 4227 km

Day 110 – 18. August 2013

I started at 9:30 am and the first 20 km was a nice slowly raising terrain.

IMG_4180 IMG_4182

Then the Carpathian Mountains started and the terrain was getting really hilly.

IMG_4186 IMG_4205

But after one very steep but short climb the road raised in a steady  way.

IMG_4215 IMG_4213

After 25 km of steady climbing I was exhausted and found a hotel along the road. It´s a very tourist area and you can find every 100 meters an Hotel.

I understood that they wanted 100 Ukrainian hryvnias for the room and I payed the amount. After a few minutes I got 50 back. So I payed less than 5€ for a large room with a shower and TV.


Day 110: 67,68 km  all: 4117 km

Day 109 – 17. August 2013

After two eggs for breakfast I was on the road at 9:30.

The day started as the last ended: with going up and down. There were even some very hard climbs with about 10%.

IMG_4078 IMG_4075

But the road was mine, because the traffic was not heavy and the weather was perfect.


In the afternoon I hit my 4000km on this trip. And I had to make some pictures again.


After I passed a bigger town I was looking for a place to sleep. Outside the town I finally found a place in the fields to set my camp up.

The reward after a day of hard riding was a fantastic sunset.

IMG_4151 IMG_4158

Day 109: 93,82 km  all: 4049 km

Day 108 – 16. August 2013

It was only 40min to Lviv and so I had a little time to see the city. Lviv was formally also known as Lemberg.

IMG_4006 IMG_4004 IMG_4002IMG_4013 IMG_4019

To the south of Lviv the terrain was getting hilly and it was hard to make some kilometers.

IMG_4044 IMG_4047

Ukrainians are very friendly. I never had so many car horns and thumbs up as in this country. Sometimes people just stopped and want to talk to me.


One guy with a car from GB stopped and gave me a bottle of water. Then he stopped again and we made a photo. He was on the way to see his parents for the first time after 10 years.

“If you read this, please send me the picture you made.”

Another family stopped and the daughter could speak very good German, because she studied German on the university.

After a day of almost 800m up and down I was ready to find a hotel. And I found a nice hotel along the way with a restaurant. It was not very cheap. 14€ with breakfast is a lot in this area. But I ate half a chicken with fries and a beer for less than 4€.


As you see Ukraine is very cheap and very nice.

Day 108: 67,64 km  all: 3956 km

Day 107 – 15. August 2013

We had a good breakfast and after packing and saying goodbye to Marcin I was at the border at about 11 am.

There was a long line of waiting cars but I just passed them all. After a little bit of waiting a Polish officer collected my passport and I got it back after a few minutes. The line to the Ukrainian border was also not very short, but some people even showed me to pass the line. The custom officer took my passport and asked me about drugs, weapons and so on. They found one of my knifes and he had a problem with it. The knife was too big or too sharp and good for hunting. So they took it away from me.

IMG_3941 IMG_3942

Afterwards I thought about this stupid law. They probably have the same knife in the next store. So if I can buy the knife in Ukraine why is it forbidden to take it with me? Or is it just arbitrary?

Well at least I was in Ukraine now.IMG_3961

In the first small town someone gave me a present: IMG_3958

The street was very good. It was renewed for the European Soccer Championship in 2012. So it was a pleasant ride at best weather.

I came across a strange monument in the middle of nowhere.

IMG_3965 IMG_3966 IMG_3973 IMG_3971

It was getting to late to go through the city of Lviv so I looked for a place to set up my tent. I found a nice place on a hill and set my camp up, made some dinner and went to bed.


Day 107: 69,70 km  all: 3888 km