Day 70 – 9. July 2013

The border to Lithuania was only about 50 km away and at 9 am I started to enter an new country.

After a few kilometers there was a big wooded area in front of me. I decided to go through, because from the map and the GPS it looked as it would be a good street. But after only a short time the road was getting very sandy.

IMG_2355 IMG_2358 IMG_2362

It was impossible to ride the bike so I had to push it. I always hoped the road would get better but after every corner it was the same picture.


It was very hard work to push the heavy bike thru the sand but after more than 3 hours I finally reached a paved road.


The rest of the distance to the border was good besides the fact that I was on a very busy main road with lots of Trucks and cars.

At 6 pm I reached the border to Lithuania. It is always nice to reach an new country.

IMG_2379 IMG_2383

After the border I just looked for a hotel in the next town. Because I could not find any I just had to go on and look for a place to set my tent up.

It was getting late and I was hungry so I put my tent on a field near the road. It was behind a small hill so the road did not bother me.


After a very long and hard day I was happy to get a warm meal and a good sleep.

Day 70: 90,10 km  all: 2143 km

Day 69 – 8. July 2013

In the morning I got a nice breakfast with scrambled eggs.

Kamil was already at work and his wife had to bring their son to the Kindergarden. So I packed my things and was on my way at 10am.

First I visited the factory of Crosso. Kamil showed me around and I mead some of the workers. The factory is small but almost everything is handmade and the quality is very good.

IMG_2256IMG_2258 IMG_2257

Because Kamil wanted to shoot some pictures form me any my bike, we went to a nearby forest. He had to go back to work so I left the town and cycled to the northeast.

At 1 pm  I reached  2000 km of my journey. I took some pictures and went on.


The whole day the terrain was hilly. Not really big hills, but it was always an up and down. The weather was very nice and so I managed to go almost 84 km.

IMG_2296 IMG_2311

At about 7pm I found a very interesting point to stay the night. It was some kind of a bird-watching tower.

IMG_2328 IMG_2330

I took my equipment to the upper platform an used my hammock for the night.


After I setup my camp and cooked my dinner I watched the sun go down.

IMG_2333 IMG_2340

Day 69: 83,74 km  all: 2053 km

Day 68 – 7. July 2013

In the morning Marcin and I went to a get some breakfast from the local filling station.

After we loaded my bike I thanked him again for everything he had done for me and took off.


The weather was fine, the road was good and it was a nice cycling to Bialystok.

When I arrived in Bialystok I called Kamil. He is the manager of Crosso, the company who makes my panniers and also one of my sponsors.

He invited me to stay over night but he was still an a bicycle trip over the weekend. They where on the way back home and we arranged a meeting in the center of town.

I had to wait about one hour and as I was sitting there a couple from Germany asked me about my trip.


We talked a while and then Kamil, his Wife and their little son arrived.


We cycled to there house and after I took a nice shower we prepared dinner.

I had to show some of my aircraft pictures, because  their little son wants to become a pilot or astronaut.


Day 68: 77,16 km  all: 1970 km

Day 67 – 6. July 2013


Today I had a real support Team: Marcin

He wanted to help me and so he took all my luggage in his car and we arranged a meeting point in Zambrow 130 km northeast of Warschau.


Without any weight it was amazing how fast I could go. In the end I had a average off more than 22 km/h. I almost did not rest on the way and so I was in Zambrow after only 7 hours.

Marcin was waiting at the meeting point and when I arrived he said he arranged everything.

He had found a nice cheap Hotel with Wifi, arranged a place for my bike and had already explored the town. He spontaneously decided to stay with me in this town, because it was to late to go back to Warschau.

In the evening we looked for a restaurant and saw everything of the town Zambrow.

Marcin calls this type of leaving a “soft ending”. I could get used to a support team 😉

Day 67: 130,28 km  all: 1892 km

How ´not´ to get a russian Visa

To visit russia is not very easy.

You need a Visa.

Before you can apply for a Visa you first need an invitation from a travel agency with has to be registered at some Ministry. After that you need to fill out the online application form, print it, attach a picture and sign the application.

You also need a confirmation from your health insurance for proper coverage and you need a prove that you want to return to your country. For example with a pay-slip or a apartment ownership.

If you have all this you can apply at a embassy, consulate or a special Visa apply office.

On Sunday I asked a hostel in St. Petersburg if they can provide a invitation if I am booking a room.

Their reply was very quick and they could provide me with this voucher. They send me all the papers I had to fill out and send back. The cost for the letter was about 20€.

On monday and tuesday we had some difficulties with the credit card payment. But finally on Wednesday they got the money and I waited for the visa-support-letter.

On thursday I tried to call them by phone to ask for the letter.  We tried the whole day, sometimes Marcin hat to talk with them in russian, sometimes nobody answered the phone. At last in the evening I reached someone who could speak english and kew about the letter.

She promised me to send the letter the next morning and after I told her my situation she was willing to try to get the letter out today.

At 22:30 I finally received the e-mail. The letter was ok and so I could finish and print the application form.

Via internet we had to make an appointment at the russian visa application center.

The next day (friday at 3pm) I was at this center. I had all the papers ready and filled out.

The women from the center took my papers and passport and after one minute she told me I could not apply in Poland for a russian visa.

Because I live in Germany I can only apply in my own country. 

The only way for me to get a visa is to send everything to Germany and a visa agency hopefully gets the visa and sends it to Tallinn. But the time for that is short and so I don´t know if I can still follow my planed route.

Day 66 – 5. July 2013

In the morning Marcin had an appointment and I stayed at his place and did some packing.

At about 10am we meet at the Bike-Shop where my bike was since one week.

The people from the shop did not want to take any money from me for the storage.


I rode the bike and trailer to the house Marcin was watching. It was only about 20 km and it took me one hour to get there.

Marcin had a another appointment at 1pm so we had to go back. He dropped me at his apartment and after I took a quick shower, I had to look up where the Russian Visa-office was located. At 1:30pm I left the apartment to go there.

I took the bus and walked the rest and 15 minutes before my appointment I was there.

After the unpleasant experience at the Russian Visa-office Marcin and I meet nearby to go to a famous Park in Warschau.

Łazienki Park is the largest park in Warsaw, the Chopin Monument and other Palaces and nice buildings are located in the park.

IMG_2126 IMG_2129 IMG_2131 IMG_2137 IMG_2142 IMG_2156

We also saw peacocks and feed the squirrels.

IMG_2152IMG_2143 IMG_2149

After the visit in the park we went to a restaurant and ate dinner.

We then got back to Marcin´s apartment, packet the rest of my stuff and drove to the house.

In the evening we sat again till 1am on the terrace and talked.


Day 66: 20,95 km   all: 1762 km

Day 60-65 : 29. June – 4. July 2013

On saturday Marcin and I did some serious sightseeing. We went to old town and new town and to all the truistic places in Warschau. In the evening we sat down at the fountain park and waited till it was dark enough for the fountain light show started.

IMG_2023 IMG_2028 IMG_1991 IMG_1986 IMG_1977IMG_2054IMG_2050

On sunday afternoon a new visiter from the netherlands arrived. Since last year Pieter is visiting manny european cities for a few day and he often stays at hosts.


On monday he was looking around town. Marcin had to translate a movie and I was just relaxing and did some computer work. In the evening we all went to a nearby Bar.

On tuesday, after Marcin finished his work we meet with Pieter in town and went to see a very nice palace. Afterwards Marcin showed us some of a non truistic part of Warschau and we ate in a very unique restaurant.

IMG_2066 IMG_2065

IMG_2075 IMG_2076 IMG_2082

On wednesday Pieter hat to go home again. Before we took him to the airport Marcin took us to see a very fancy hotel: The Venetian Palace. The weather was wonderful and we relaxed  with a drink on the terrace.

IMG_2091 IMG_2093 IMG_2095 IMG_2101 IMG_2108

On thursday evening we meet with some couchsurfing friends of Marcin. Thruman and Nick from Taiwan. We drank some beer at nearby Bar and talked about traveling.


I planed to stay in Warschau only a few days but it was a week now and that was only because I tried to get a Visa to Russia. But this a other story I will tell you next time.