Day 404-407 – 8.-11. June 2014

Day 404: After a small breakfast I left Vedat and Diyarbakir. I had a few nice days and met some lovely people.


From the map the terrain did not look very difficult but as it turned out, I saw no level road this day. There was always an up and down and at the end of the day I climbed and descended more than 1300m.


The area was mainly endless  fields of wheat an the first harvest was in progress.


I passed the town of Silvan and manny people waved and invited me for a tea. But some jung boys threw stones after me and they only speak two words in english: „Hello“ and „money-money“. When I stopped people always touching my bike and my equipment and especially the boys between 5-10 years are very annoying and always want „money-money“.

IMG_4246 IMG_4277

I was glad I took off the turkish flag, because the people understand themself as Kurdish and most of them do not like Turkey.

A few km behind Silvan I was ready to find a place for the night. Close to the road was a destroyed building and about 30m behind the building I set up my tent. It was a nice place overlooking the valley.

IMG_4254 IMG_4252

The road was close and in the night some car came by and played loud music. I still managed to sleep until at about 2am I was waken by 5 pistol gunshot. It was very close but I could not do anything about it. I kept calm and after a while the car left the place.

Day 405: The first half of the day was as the one before. Up and down, hot weather and wheat fields.

IMG_4287 IMG_4292 IMG_4295

After a good lunch the climb into the mountain started. I managed to climb from 600m to 900m. After 80km I stopped to fill up my beverages and shower water and found a nice secluded place for my camp. After a shower and a small dinner I went to bed early because I knew the next day was going to be hard.


Day 406: The climb from 900m to 1800m took me the whole day. It was very hard and in the evening I was very tired.

IMG_4326 IMG_4323 IMG_4318

In the town of Bitlis I was not allowed to take a tunnel so I had to go through the city. It was like in a circus an I was the main attraction. The city was very busy and hundreds of people were sitting along the street drinking tea. Because of the raising terrain I was very slow and I was glad when I left the town.

Finally I reached the top of the plateau and the last 10km to Tatvan was easy. Also the weather changed. The whole day it was very hot, up to 37°C, but on the plateau I had to take out my jacket.

IMG_4332 IMG_4334 IMG_4340

I was so done and decided to find a hotel for the night. For only 30lira (10€) I had a room with a hot shower.

Day 407: My muscles were so sore that I decided to stay another night in the hotel and relax.

I went through the not very appealing city and the nice big Lake. I think the van lake is the biggest lake of turkey.


Day: 404: 92,11 km  all: 12.158 km

Day 405: 84,19 km  all: 12.243 km

Day 406: 61,60 km  all: 12.304 km

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