Day 255-256 – 10.-11. January 2014

Day 255:  In Kemer, a dog followed us for almost 10 km. We were afraid that he would get hit by a car, so we stopped at a fruit seller and asked them to hold him until we were too far away for him to follow.

IMG_0385 IMG_0387

After 45 km, we reached Antalya and stopped in the center. All off a sudden a guy on a bike showed up and as it turned out he contacted me on facebook several weeks before. Murad helped us to find a place to eat and offered us to stay with him.


Because it was still early we decided to go past Antalya.  After sunset we started to look for some accommodation. We were very picky and could not find the right place. About 20 km after Antalya, we passed many big resorts and hotels. They were out of our price range and we feared not to find any appropriate place. Between all the big resorts we found one little apart hotel with reasonable prices. The room was big enough to store our bikes in.


Day 256: The next morning the big resorts became even fancier.

IMG_0471 IMG_0472

Back on the main road we had wind from the back and the road was good and flat. We made good speed and reached the next big hotel area in Side in the early afternoon.


The old town of Side was very nice. Even in winter there are many tourists and all the souvenir and other shops are open. I was stopped by some shop owners and they called Ali.

IMG_0496 IMG_0500

Ali was a cyclist and spoke German. He gave me a few tips where to go and when I asked him where we could find a cheap hotel, he took his bike and came with us. Ali invited us for dinner in a very small but unique restaurant.


Ali showed us a good pension and we probably got a better price through him.


In the evening I went to the harbor and took some pictures of the sunset.

IMG_0521 IMG_0528

Day 255: 70,89 km all: 8359 km

Day 256: 78,55 km  all: 8438 km

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