Day 252-254 – 7.-9. January 2014

Day 252:  The first 25 km from Kalkan to Kaş was flat and easy, but then we had a big, steep hill to climb. It took us 3 hours to climb to 600 m. The next 20 km was also demanding, because the terrain was hilly and we had three bigger climbs of 50-200 m. The sun was already down when we finally reached the top of the last hill. Now we had to descend to sea level again. 15 km in 30 min! It was dark and very cold in the descent.

IMG_0175 IMG_0202

In the next town we asked the police for a cheap hotel and were very happy to have survived a 1500 m climb and one of the hardest days so far.

Day 253: After the long day we decided to take it easy and only go 30 km to Finike. We had time to enjoy the wonderful area and weather.

IMG_0242 IMG_0244

In Finike we quickly found a nice hotel at the waterfront and we had a tasty dinner on the floor.


Day 254: Shortly after the start we had to climb to 600 m again. This time it was a long steady climb. After we were on top, the next 35 km was mostly downhill.

We reached Kemer at about 4 pm and had time to look for a place to stay. We had so many possibilities because the town consisted mostly of hotels, restaurants, shops and supermarkets. We got a very good deal in an apart hotel with a kitchen. So Sarah cooked a wonderful meal again.

IMG_0301 IMG_0345    IMG_0379

Day 252: 75,76 km  all: 8187 km

Day 253: 31,90 km  all: 8219 km

Day 254: 69,95 km  all: 8288 km

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