Day 77 – 16. July 2013

Today I tried to go all the way to Riga.

3 reasons why it did not worked:

1:  We wanted to go to the hill of crosses. That was about an extra distance of 20-25km.

2: The road I took for about 20 km was not a paved road and had manny small bumps.

IMG_2629 IMG_2632

3. The wind. Probably the crucial reason. Strong wind from the west mad it impossible to go faster than 18km in one hour.

I started at 9 am and after a battle against wind and roads I was at the hill of crosses at 5pm.

IMG_2660 IMG_2647 IMG_2649

Marcin was already their and made me a power drink.

To Riga it was still more than 120 km. So to far to reach today. But we had arrangement with a couchsurfing host to sleep in Riga.

We decided that Marcin drives to the next bigger town and finds a place to store the bike for the night. We would come back the next day and do the rest of the distance.

The next town was 20 km from the hill of crosses away and because the wind was now out of a favorable direction I mad the way in less than 45 min.

Marcin had found a small car repair shop where we could leave the bike till the next day.


We then drove to Riga and looked for the apartment of our host in Riga.

Inna came at about 10 pm as she told us.

We had a quick dinner and some talking, but she was very tired and so we went to bed early.

By the way I have a new record for the most Km a day: 137,19 km.

Day 77: 137,19 km   all: 2568 km

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